Commons Scandal!

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by Shrooden, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Robb

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    I totally agree! And I guess its important to remind people that are thinking of applying to the program or have been already accepted that this is such an unusual case, and that the commons are an exceptionally safe place. I would not have had a problem walking anywhere in the complex.... well, except for being lazy, but thats it.

    And, yeah, 4 guys and one girl? What happened to the good ole commons threesome!! I mean, the sheer mathmatics of that ratio.... my brain hurts..... ???
  2. belle

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    Robb - I guess they took turns maybe?! (I'm sure guy nr 4 was the one who "lost the draw"....ha ha ha)
  3. Megara

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    Well one would need to hold the camera, and the other 3 could.... Well let's just say it's been seen in the (dodgy) movies! Ok, I shouldn't joke, it is a serious matter. It's just very sad that the police had to be involved in the matter, whoever is at fault or at the wrong end of a misunderstanding.
  4. Dancing_Queen

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    I don't see the attraction of sharing a girl with three other guys and waiting for your turn. There are so many girls in the Commons. The reason is probably because they are french and a lot of them like boys, too (lol, I am not kidding ).
  5. MyLittlePony

    MyLittlePony New Member

    Perhaps a little late for replying, but here goes. Why I thought they MIGHT HAVE BEEN wrongfully accused (in which point I was correct, but never mind that) based on the facts I had before. (I also did state that it wasn't my absolute opinion, but a point of view. In which I perhaps should've written 'a possible point of view', for I did not intend it to be thought of as my opinion. The reason I've defended it so heavily is that I felt some of you (and probably more without personally expressing themselves) got the wrong idea.) Anyway, here goes:

    1. As above mentioned, there are a lot of girls in the Commons. Why should they take one and rape her? I know rape is often more about power than sex, so sexual motives can be excluded, but that reason is not enough for me to exclude this fact.

    2. The incident occured very late at night. What goes on at the Commons late at night? People drinking, doing drugs, sex and other 'bad' things (as viewed by many societies) go on late at night at the Commons, as they do outside the Commons. Yes, I know fewer people are out then, so such a thing as rape is easier to act out, but the reason I'm stressing this is because I wanted to stress the reason was out at that point in time. Given the stressing work and the heavy partying, I think people at the Commons are unlikely to go outside very late because if you're not doing anything, why not catch up on your sleep?

    3. Why should they film a rape? As you said yourself; 'stupid french'. Turns out they were actually quite clever. (or most probably, just kinky... Who knows?)

    4. The major warning sign was actually that they stated that there was 'No alcohol involved'. Sorry for generalizing... but... Yeah Right! It is the Commons we are talking about here!

    And, of course, these small facts: The guys were very cooperative when questioned, the girl went to work the next day and had to be persuaded by her colleagues to file a complaint. I don't think I need to elaborate on those.

    "I know norwegian girls drink alot"
    I won't explain this quote. Norwegian girls at the Commons (as well as boys) do drink a lot. Its our drinking culture from the homeland, at least for most of the WDWIP participants.

    In 'conclusion' I hope that nobody takes this too lightly nor too seriously. I have never ever felt scared at the Commons, I think there are probably more video cameras there than we know of. The only shouting/yelling I have ever heard there that was not from drunk people was at the Chinese New Year. Or...?
    On the other hand, partying at the Commons can get very hard and yes, there probably have been many rapes over the years, but often the victim is too 'gone' to realize herself (or himself), or it might be that the company has taken care of it. It is truly bad publicity, so I do actually understand that, though it might be ethically wrong. But thats how things work, positive publicity is extremely important for the Disney company. Just don't do anything stupid.

    I guess that about sums it up for me in this topic. I hope you all enjoyed my small (OK... big) outbursts.
  6. cartwheel69

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  7. miraclepie

    miraclepie New Member

    Ok, I know this is really really old...but everyone is saying that they're not *that* surprised coming from the commons....Could someone explain is it just like an undergrad res then? Like party central, sexfest? Are there lots of people under 21, because it sounds very similar to where I lived for two years in my first two years at Uni, but not anymore, most people are partied out by the time they hit 20/21. So if someone could shed some light on this...

    (I'm not a prude, I've just sorta been there done that - in the sense of living in that environment)
  8. Gareth

    Gareth New Member

    hey miracelpie,

    the commons is like a party central where lots of sex and other stuff goes on, but it is not all about partying and sex and drugs, you only have to get involved in that stuff if you want to. there are lots of apartments and lots of space within the commons and chatham and vista.
    in short, the wild parties do go on and are a great laugh, but if you dont want that then you will find like minded people living there also

  9. Kirbie

    Kirbie New Member

    Blimey!! I've read through all of this topic, and it seems i was completely blinded as to what goes on at the Commons!! I mean i know that there would be lots of drinking and parties, but i thought that with the strict security they must have there that drugs would not be tolerated??

    Is this sort of thing only restricted to the commons or is it the same in chatham, vista way and the new patterson court??
  10. TinkTingeling

    TinkTingeling New Member

    It's mostly commons I think, but Vista isn't much further away I think...
  11. Well, according to a recent article in Play Boy, Vista is the second best place to get laid in the US.
  12. TinkTingeling

    TinkTingeling New Member

    Hehe, yeah, it's a reason the call it Vista Lay instead of Vista Way :p
  13. Discostu81

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    And the first?? Just out of curiosity of course!
  14. ~Disney_Princess~

    ~Disney_Princess~ New Member

    The first is probably the Play Boy Mansion itself lol :D
  15. Discostu81

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    The Hef has a bit of a monopoly there though!
  16. Ducannon

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    No the best place is Daytona Beach. The Commons/Vista Way is second now, but used to be third before Hurricane Katrina hit and wiped out Mardi Gras.

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