crazy/stupid happenings outside of work!

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by *Laura*, May 14, 2005.

  1. *Laura*

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    see termination stories under the alumni boards - sarah janes story is there

    basically it was my graduation day and we were about to try and leave the commons to go to epcot for dinner and as we rounded the corner from block six we saw smoke and heard huge bang, and thought...... WTF??? and then we saw the fire and so got out the car and stood watching, but then we had to move away cos u could feel the heat and we basically cowered near building 4 cos everytime a window in the bus blew we thought pieces would go flying!!!!

    they managed to get everyone off the bus in time but it was scary to see......

    i never trusted those dynamic busses....

    a while after that incident we were travelling home from work and i had a panic attack on the bus, i was sitting right at the very back and suddenly got a really bad feeling, but we made it home to the commons alright, and then the next day someone said they had driven past the C bus that we had been on (it was recognisiable cos there was only one of this colour bus) and it had overheated and had a fire at the back, similar to the one that had happened to the picture above......

    so anyone else got any random stories from their time in the commons???
  2. loops_li

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    omg, these stories are so funny! looking forward to having some of my own! But for now keep em comin, i like the entertainment!

  3. soleil plage

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    that picture is priceless! ;)

    can you believe that Dynamic actually won the contract off a firm that was crapper than them?!?!?! (yes -hard to believe!) ... i can't remember the name of the company though ...anyone help me out ?
  4. SarahJane

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    Wasn't it Mears?
  5. Dougslar

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    Woke up one morning at the Commons to really bad fog! You couldn't see your hand in front of your face and lots of people were late for work as the buses couldn't see where they were going!

    Very bizarre weather for Florida!!!

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