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Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by Shalycia, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Shalycia

    Shalycia New Member

    Hi every body!
    I'm preparing for the big move to Orlando and I'm wondering whether I should bring my DSLR with me
    to orlando or just take the compact one. I'm leaving tomorrow so if anyone could answer me by tonight
    I would be grateful.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. annak2012

    annak2012 New Member


    I was on holiday in Orlando in october and took both my DSLR and compact camera. I took some really beautiful ones with my SLR. Make the most of your time there and get some fab photos

    I reckon you should take both

    Enjoy your time out there, I find out today if im through to the face to face interviews :S
  3. sagrime

    sagrime New Member

    think of it as would you want to lug your dslr around the parks? as this is where you will spend alot of time, do you already have a compact? if not take your dlsr and if its too big buy a compact out there.
  4. missginius

    missginius Member

    Anywhere I go, I lug my dslr, an extra lense and my video camera around with me, I've gotten used to the weight, I don't notice it much anymore. I wouldn't go without it! I'd rather leave and ear behind :D
  5. Shalycia

    Shalycia New Member

    Ok thank you very much guys for answering!! I think the compact is better beacause I'll be living one year with roomates etc and I don't want it be stolen or broken!

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