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Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by Picachoo, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    Yes, I did everything Ali told me not to do...I believe it was a lot about UK boys, the pub and being the Canadian Cart Tart...check, check and check! You did give me lots of good advice that I did listen too...I went to Jellyrolls lots!!!

    Princess Tessa...my bf is scottish!!!! Highly recommended.

    Loops_Li...good luck with the mountie thing!!! I've never met one. Although, I think I seem to remember a guy when I was out there that arrived and only lasted a couple days then came back to Canada cause he'd been accepted by the Mounties!! I guess you're just a little late for him!!!

    Emma...who got married?

    I can't say I was ever a fan of the Italian guys. I swear I hardly ever saw any other than on the bus or lunch occasionally. Not too many hung out with Canadians. Now the Norwegians on the other hand......sorry...I, um...meant...the UK. ;)

  2. Gem

    Gem New Member

    Hey i fell in love out there but i didnt move to the US. My bf was on my arrival flight when i was a CP lthis summer just gone and we didnt speak in the first week and went on the star wars weekends together as we were the only two who wanted to go and were really worried coz we had never spoken and after that we were inseparable. We arrived on the 6th by the 12th we had out first kiss and we had our 4months anniversary yesterday.

    Funny i travelled for 10hrs to fall in love with sumone who lives an hour and a half away from me uin the Uk!!!!Fate works in mysterious ways hee hee

    Gem xxx
  3. aww that is so cute! fate it right........wow........
  4. Tickee

    Tickee New Member

    I met my man on the program. Both of us are Canadian, overlapped for one month (end of my contract, beginning of his), hooked up for the last two weeks of my contract, did the long distance thing for the rest of his, then he moved straight to Toronto. Now, it's three years later and we live together with our dog!

    It can happen! ::)
  5. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    Tickee...when was your bf there?

  6. Tickee

    Tickee New Member

    He was there summer of 2002-2003. Darin Favel. Canada Merch.
  7. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    I arrived August 6th, 2003. I do believe I replaced him. Ha, funny.

  8. Harrybo

    Harrybo New Member

    Awwww! Gemma and Andy kissing in the tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G! lol!

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