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Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by Gibsoon, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Audrey II

    Audrey II New Member

    i am hoping it wont change! Though I would prefer October so I can spend the summer raising the funds, it will probably be with mcdonads again but its better than no where, unless I go to camp again :D

    Is there teh only one interview date then? or should I say only one location?

    I am in my second, going into my final. What do you study?
  2. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    Not really sure too be honest..

    Im waiting for Ilse to get back to me..But i've been waiting for like 5 days now!
  3. you should try e-mailing hannah she has always got back to me within 24hrs.
  4. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    She's in Norway i think..
  5. who? hannah? she replies to me and ilse did today as well with a confirmation e-mail.
  6. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    Did Hannah reply to you today?
  7. She emailed me twice the day before yday at like 10.30pm and then 3am. She has been really good, better than ilse at gettin back.
  8. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    Ah rite,

    I only emailed Hannah yesterday..And I also called up as well..

    Think Michele said she went away yesterday though..

    Guess they'll reply eventually, but like I said on the other thread, its waiting anxiously to find out whether or not ive got an interview!
  9. if you don't hear back by monday it might be worth phoning the office and finding out what is going on with them.
  10. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    Ill probs leave it until Tuesday or Wednesday..

    As Michele said she'd leave a note on her desk, so I guess that she'll more than likely get back to me...
  11. well hopefully you'll have more luck than me.
  12. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    Im just worried there guna say its too late for me to get an interview..

    Im abit worried tho..Coz I asked them about the cult rep as well, so im worried they thought I took my application out for the grad program, even though it was still in on the yummy website..

    Im thinkin though, that I had my application in ages ago, so surely they'll give me an interview?
  13. I can't see why not. I applied for both crp and graduate when i got back last summer. If you're so worried it might be worth phoning even if you get a reply. I found it the most effective way to get it across to them what i wanted.
    When hannah emailed me to say that it was all changed the other day then she said it was still early enough so I'm sure its fine if you get it sorted asap and make sure that they know you have been trying to sort it out for the past week. It would be unfair if they didn't let you go to the interview.
  14. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest


    Thats what im thinking..Especially because I actually applied for it in January as well!
  15. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest


    I have to wait and see wait Ilse says..As I have already applied for it, but they thought I wanted to do the October one, not the July one..

    So fingers crossed...
  16. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    Just got an email off yummy jobs to say that I've got an interview...

    Im quite excited..

    A bit worried though to be honest!
  17. ElisaTonks

    ElisaTonks New Member

    good luck with the interviews I did the graduate program oct 07 - apr 08 and loved it, gain loads of experience and contacts, as well as making loads of friends, and finding the love of my life. I will warn you tho that the education side at UCF can get very fustrating as they have tyo teach from a basic level, because of the varying educational standads. I can't believe they have put acceptable degrees in now, i did history (tho i did also do drama and tourism modules at uni as i started on joint honours) and there were guys with law etc, who did better than those with related degrees.
  18. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    I did the J1 Academic Program 07-08..And that standard of teaching was poor, so im guessing its going to be of a similar standard!

    Fingers crossed I get in first though.. I'm quite worried to be honest! Each time I go, the competition seems to be harder!
  19. well there is only one set of interviews for july so hopefully there won't be too many people who have applied. Have you heard back from Ilse yet John?
  20. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest


    I got an email saying that I had been invited to the interviews! In which I obviously replied back to straight away that I definitely want to go!!

    There's always only one set of interviews for every grad program interview start date I think..

    I'm thinking that July is going to be the most popular date..But I'm just hoping because of the current economic climate that there won't be as many people going! haha..

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