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Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by Gibsoon, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. j0hnyoung

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  2. goofy_lulu

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    Im going also for UCF in July!!!1 im From Mexico and i will be on working on Attractions!!!! Yei!!! im so happy!!!!!! ;D
  3. j0hnyoung

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    Ah, sweet..Guess your not going to the interviews on March 31st?? Haha..

    Have you already had your interview?
  4. Max

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    Graduate Programme or CRP??

    Hi there!
    I'm Max and I'm Italian and I'm pretty unsure about whether applying for J1 garduate Pr o CRP.Everybody tells me good things about CRP but no one can tell me much about the J1 graduate.

    1- They told me during the courses u will have hard assignments and a final exam to get a degree in Hospitality. Do u know anything about this exam, Is it hard to pass or something like that? U need to study a lot during the 6 months?

    2- Is In the CRP so hard to be hired and on the contrary is it easier in J1 Graduate work and study program?
    In CRP your english MUST be fluent?
    I really appreciate If someone could answer me.

    Thank u x your help!
  5. goofy_lulu

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    yes i al ready had!!!!!! i was applying for CRP but after the interview i saw this program and i ask the chance to change it!!! so they aprove my change so now i am in the graduate program i alrady sent my papers to the school for the J1 permission!!!!

    Im so excited are you going to have your interview on march 31st ???? wow you almost there!!! i wish you luck!!!
  6. neoleiner

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    ohhhhhh sweeeetttttt
  7. Max

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    I'm going to have an interview on March 26th in Milan but Megan has just called me saying It's not possible leaving in July or October for J1 Work and Study program. I'm very sorry about that :( but now we have the chance to apply for CRP...
  8. Max

    Max New Member

    24th sorry!
  9. neoleiner

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    thats only for your country? where ar u from
  10. j0hnyoung

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    I no,

    As far as I know, the interviews in England are still on..
  11. Max

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    I come from Italy...I dont know if its just for my country..I'll ask explanations.
    Megan told me I can make an interview for CRP the same day in Milan.
  12. cowza

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    I don't know if yall were aware but I'm pretty sure they have stopped the UCF graduate program now... they tried various ways to revamp it over the last year but supposedly it still got too many complaints... so as of right now the only J1 program available is the Summer program and the year exchange for those studying a degree related to tourism.
  13. 2005CP

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    so in other words, for non us citizens wanting to work for disney, there are only 2 options-the CRP and the ICP programme. Of course, there is also the cruise and adventures by disney but they dont really count in my book.

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