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    I'm not too sure how that works to be honest - I was surprised when Bev (the manager) told me that they started hiring cultural reps (as previously, they employed local english people). When Claire (who was on the IP when I arrived) was taken on, I was even more surprised, as she came back 3-4 months after leaving. It could be that Disney have decided they want the final say on everyone who works there.

    As for all the countries been participants, they're not. Japan, Morocco, france and Italy are 4 that have strong outside influence. As for the rest of us, i honestly don't know, but I do know the UK pavilion was managed by Disney.

    Oh, and HRC have a branch at MK too.

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    ok this is all so confusing but thanks for clearing some things up dan!

    steph x
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    No Problem! 'tis a bit confusing!


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