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  1. Ona

    Ona Member

    Bring back any memories. ;D

    I had totally forgotten about "YOU PAID TOO MUCH!" folks. Lol. ;D

    Any of you guys who were out there in the last couple of years will, I'm sure, know who I'm talking about. It's basically the adverts for a company which developed a kinda' cult status in FL. Even to the extent that the woman was portrayed in a show in Universals Halloween Horror nights '03.

    Check it out,


    Had me howling. :D

    Ona x
  2. 2005CP

    2005CP New Member

    what always brings back memories is listening to the traffic and travel on the big local radio station(forgotten its name)........i once listened to it on the internet just for the nostaligia value-especially wierd when it mentions roads or areas you know about!
  3. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    i still always think of that thing on the local news "weather on the 1s with digital doppler X3" and the way the tv news woman always used to say place names (like voluisa county) and the way that ryan seacrest used to present the American top 40.....
  4. 2005CP

    2005CP New Member

    isnt it wierd what random memories we all have-my biggest memory is getting out of work early once(i got sent home because they had too many people in) and i remember sitting all on my own at the bus stop at epcot waiting for the c bus home at about 11 o clock in the morning(as everyone else was getting to work), hapilly planning what to do with my dishonestly gained afternoon off, then getting home and going to downtown disney for some food from earl of sandwich-all on my lonesome, just.... because... i could (that and the fact that everyone else was in work!)
  5. 2005CP

    2005CP New Member

    this is another website i kept looking at when i first got back, just in the vain hope i could access the thing-and now ive even forgotten my logon :(
  6. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    I hated that Appliance Direct advert. We went bowling for VoluntEARS and the alley was right next to Appliance Direct! Needless to say, we didn't go in!

    I still try to login to the HUB. But alas, no such luck.
  7. Peever

    Peever New Member

    Personally those ads got on my nerves haha. Only saw a few appliance directs, was never in one though thankfully
  8. linsey

    linsey New Member

    should've gone to freeeeee credit report dot com
    I coulda seen this coming at me like an atom bomb
    they monitor your credit and send you email alerts
    so you don't wind up selling fish to tourists in t-shirts....

    8) 8) 8) 8) ;D
  9. Peever

    Peever New Member

    Unfortunently, living in Canada I still get to see that lovely add. Damm you american channels
  10. mpark90

    mpark90 Member

    4 words


    aaahhhh *rips hair out*
  11. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    omg linsey i forgot about them!!!!
  12. morrs084

    morrs084 New Member

    I'm pretty sure i stopped watching tv in Florida because of them.
  13. mpark90

    mpark90 Member

  14. morrs084

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