J1 Visa at Swan and Dolphin

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by PixieDust, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. PixieDust

    PixieDust New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Just curious if anyone has moved on to working at the Swan and Dolphin on the J1 Visa after having completed the International Program?

    I finished my IP in September and would love to go back to Florida!

    If you did do the J1 program, are you/did you enjoy it? And did you apply through the same company that you did for the International Program?

    Thanks for any information that you can provide!

  2. Chrissi

    Chrissi New Member

    Hi Charlene!
    As far as I know it's a culinary progarm ( you have to work in the kitchen ...) and you have to provide your own transport and accommodation.
  3. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    Hey Charlene! :)

    I know 3 people from the UK who went back to do that...but I only know info of how to get on it in the UK....but there are a few different programs

    2 of the guys I know went to do F&B and another went and did a recreation type thing (lifeguarding etc)....they're all loving it, but yes, they did have to find their own place to live and get their own transport to work!!

    I suggest getting in touch with cast-a-way to find out more!!!

    how is it to be home??

    I wanna go back!! :(

    x x x
  4. PixieDust

    PixieDust New Member

    Ahhh Ellen!!

    I want to be back there too!

    I did end up getting in touch with Cast-a-Way...and for those that are curious, according to Eric, for Canadians, you must be attending University or College to qualify for the J1 program and your school must have an affiliate in the USA.

    So there goes that idea for now!! But at least I'm now armed with the information!
  5. soleil plage

    soleil plage Guest

    The Swan and Dolphin is a right-place-at-the-right-time thing!
    I have a friend who's out there now working Front Desk on an 18month J1 visa. She wasn't at College/hadn't been to College and was ineligible for the IP (due to nationality - she's Irish).... Yummy Jobs just put her forward for this program.
    She has to assignments on what she's learned out there so it must be affliated to some college or something (dunno who though!)
    Westin/Sheraton also try to get you a green card while you're out there - not all applications are successful but they do give it a shot on your behalf - nice eh?

  6. CPB

    CPB New Member

    Hey Soleil Page,

    Where did you hear about the Westin / Sheraton trying to sponsor people for green cards? Do you know how to find out more information about it? Any info would be great.
  7. soleil plage

    soleil plage Guest

    hi there

    My mate got this contract through Yummy Jobs she wanted to do the IP but as she's from Southern Ireland it was a no-go.
    She applied for the American work program that Yummy Jobs also run and by chance got a placement with Sheraton and Westin at the Swan and Dolphin (pure luck of the draw - this opportunity probably only comes up once every 12-18months) She has years of relevant experience which probably made her an ideal candidate for the job.

    re: green cards - If you're on the program and are interested green card sponsorship you have to pay money toward the application via your wages and Sheraton/Westin take care of the rest. They do iterate that not all green card applications are successful.

    Hope this helps? sorry if this reply is confusing, my head's mashed today!
  8. adjonline

    adjonline New Member

    The fact your friend was for Southern Ireland might be relevant...citizens of the UK are restricted from applying through the diversity lottery but citizens of Ireland are not (the same also is true for citizens of NI); I guess it would depend on whether what Sheraton/Westin are doing is related to the diversity lottery.
  9. CPB

    CPB New Member

    Thanks for the info guys. Do you know any more about the American Work Program? What job does your friend do there?

    I'm from Northern Ireland and i'm not at college. I spoke to Jsaon at Yummy Jobs about a program but he asked me when i graduated and stuff, so not sure if i can apply for some things.

    I wonder if there is any other way to work for the Westin/Sheraton without going through Yummy Jobs?

    Thanks for all your advice guys.
  10. CPB

    CPB New Member

    Thanks for all your advice,

    I was wondering though if you would know who to get in contact with at the hotel about working there or would you be able to give me your friends email address and i could contact her to find out who i might need to get in contact with at the hotel?

  11. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    Claire! :) you remember Andy?? he was in Fiona's arrival group...left September 2005...he's working at the Swan and Dolphin now and recently sent a group email saying how he was having some luck with green card type things...maybe you should pop in there to visit him! :) I can give you his email address if you don't have it....

    I hope you get something sorted...no-one deserves a green card more than you!! :D (I know of at least 3 people who DEFINITELY do not deserve their residence....you should know at least 2 of them!! ;))

    x x x x
  12. CPB

    CPB New Member

    Hey Ellen,
    Thanks for the support. Do you mind giving me Andy's email address? I think he was one of the few people i never got before he left.

    How are things with you?

    Take care

    P.S. I know of one person who certainly didn't deserve it. IM me the other 2, hehe.
  13. Commons Virgin

    Commons Virgin New Member

    Hey guys... wow.. i havent been here forever ;) anyways..... so as far as i understand if you have some sort of college/unversity background regarding hospiatlity and tourism you might actually have a chance to somehow work in the hotels??? such as reception or other things?? i just graduated with a degree in hotel and tourism management.. so that should be enough right??? I really wanna go back to Florida and since the visa thing is such a biatch it would really be great if it could work out somehow with Disney.. anyways.. hope someone can help ;) thanks a million in advance :-* Alex
  14. Lonja

    Lonja New Member

    Hi tinker!!!
    here we are again, both at the thread!!! it would be soo cool if we went down there together! i havent heard anything yet :mad: did you???? i really wanna go back there!!!!
    today is december 4th....my arrival date from 2002!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that must be a good thing!!! cant believe its been four years!!!!!!!!

  15. Commons Virgin

    Commons Virgin New Member

    yeah you re right... 4 years... wow... well anyways yeah i would love to go back and especially if we could combine this with uni and our degrees.. let's hope it works out...!!! Let me know if u know anything ;) i am trying to change my pic back to the same one as yours.. let s see if it works ;)
    Big :-* Tinky
  16. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    The 18 motnhs program is possibly the same program that I attended. The visa is specially designed for trainings/internships and the 18 months program is usually a hospitality management program for Front Desk or F&B. I worked at the Front Desk in Fort Lauderdale for 18 months on the same Visa and I didn't even want to go back to Florida lol It was simple coincidence. I went through HRC International (an agency based in the Netherlands ) and they recruit people ( I think from various european countries ) with hospitality background for positions all over the States. At the interview you could let them know if you have preferences regarding the hotel chain or the location. I worked for Sheraton ( never heard about that greencard thing though ) and got to stay at the Swan& Dolphin ( sooo nice )...you should definitely try.

  17. Birdman22

    Birdman22 New Member

    Hey guys i just finished my year at Disney working at the UK,
    Ive been offered the Swan and Dolphin 18 month placement in f&b and going through all the paper work now hopefully out by end of August as they are giving me the option of when i want to come out, I'm not in college or uni to answer some people's questions earlier on.

    Anyway is anybody else going to the swan and dolphin soon or is anybody working there at the moment.


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