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Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by disney-dude, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. disney-dude

    disney-dude New Member

    Hi so I was just wondering what people had about sharing a room, I have never done it before and was just wondering about it and what people have to say about the technicalities of it. I am not worried at all about it, but wonder how things work like, getting up for work, say it is your roommate's day off and you are up early for work, surely you would wake them up with your alarm clock and trying to get ready? And if one of us came in late from a night out, we may wake the other up etc, silly things like that really. Just wondered what everyone had to say about it/how they felt about it all.
  2. doddi92

    doddi92 New Member

    I'm guessing people take them things into consideration when applying for the job. I'd be fine with someone's alarm clock waking me up, but if someone rolls in drunk being loud and wakes me up then that wont go down too well.
  3. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    the rooms have a walk in closet with light thats big enough to get changed in - the bathroom is either between 2 or 4 of you so you can also use that to change. Generally when coming in late you dont put the main lights in the room you just use the closet/bathroom light on to see into the room. someones alarm might wake you up at first but you get used to it - the leafblowers outside your room at 8am are a hell of a lot worse and much more annoying also price management decide to renew the walls in the buildings every couple of months which invovles them literally sledgehammering the walls from about 7.30 in the morning, then theres inspections they also arrive early and if your in bed asleep they dont care they just walk in and ignore you sleeping in bed and stuff lol i actually slept through an inspection!!!

    if your roomie is vile you can move -and i have known some roomies to call secutiry when their other roomies are having a party

    i used to call security regularly on a monday night after 3am when german lads would continue partying in the appt above mine - nothing like the chants of deutschland deutschland deutschland ja ja ja along with stamping feet to keep you from sleeping!
  4. slider655

    slider655 Member

    All these things are half the fun of the living experience.....for some!

    You will experience being woken by thunder, footsteps in the apartment above, monday nights, leaf blowers outside, sprinklers outside, apartment inspections, fire alarms being triggered, air conditioning, other roommates in the apartment. Sounds awful, but you will get used to it, and some days you will be so tired you won't even care!

    If you really dont like it you can request to move, but this is only after 3 weeks. You must leave at least a 3 week gap between arriving and requesting to move, Price Management rules. I moved after 3 weeks, and i moved from Commons to Patterson. At the time there were increasing amounts of UK people put in Patterson due to the commons being full, many people followed suit and we had a bit of a monopoly on the 1 bedroomed apartments there it seems. Commons is good if you like party central and are up for fun all the time, im just an oldie who liked quiet time mixed with my fun time!

    It is an experience, but one i would not have changed for anything.
  5. grooveyem

    grooveyem New Member

    I hate the leaf blower man so much :mad: (I was on the ground floor right next to the big Commons road)
  6. 2005CP

    2005CP New Member

    Me and Tom lived in the same room as two Germans, and sometimes when you get home from work you dont want 30 people chanting Detschland at the top off their voice. We always used to call security.

    And feel sorry for us, we had German lads in our apartment every other week!
  7. lilacwhisper

    lilacwhisper New Member

    It's a sort of gambling game: we'll not know if we've been lucky or not 'til we get there and the first days pass. But that's something which happens everywhere, I suppose ;)

    I do hope my future roommate will be nice. I mean, when I fall asleep it's quite hard to wake me up, but surely I don't love the idea of a drunk girl switching on the light or using her hairdryer at, let's say, 3 AM, if I have to get up at 6.30.

    For example, years ago I rented a room in a flat when I studied at university. I shared it with another girl, and that was one of the worst and most tragical experiences of my life :eek: She kept inviting guys, and wanted me to sleep somewhere else so that they could use my bed (I obviously refused since I paid the rent and her "friends" could sleep in a hotel, but she kept asking for that :-\ ). She wanted me to walk in the dark in the morning if she was still sleeping, I couldn't even use the bedside-table lamp. Obviously, when she went out and I was sleepimg, well, she used to open the window and the shutters, sqitch on the lamp or the radio, sometimes she even watched television. Not to mention when she switched on the radio (or TV) while studying (I wonder if she understood a single word of what she read ::))... I spent a whole year studying in the kitchen, perhaps while someone else was cooking. I had no opportunity to change, since my contract ended one year later, but arguing every day was really stressing, so many times I simply tried to avoid unpleasant situations, but believe me, at the end I really hated her! I hope the same won't happen at DW. I'm not asking for a perfect roommate, since I myself I'm not perfect, but for a respectful one. That's it :)

    At least I can say I'm quite used to nasty roommates, thanks to my previous experience ;D

    There's one thing I surely cannot stand, yet: drugs. If I'm not wrong, Disney's policy about them's really strict, and I don't want to face the risk of being terminated because my roommate keeps or uses them in our room. I wouldn't tolerate this :mad:
  8. Smunk

    Smunk New Member

    Oh god that sounds just awful! What is wrong with that girl?? I'd feel so guilty - did she not have any respect at all? I could never imagine being so horrible and inconsiderate of others. I've never lived away from my family, so Disney will be a whole new experience for me, but I could never be so disrespectful of others' personal space! Even if I hated them I couldn't do it!

    I'm sure that no one could be as bad as that, so at least any roommate you get will be better haha.
  9. lilacwhisper

    lilacwhisper New Member

    LOL ;D I hope so!

    I'm more confident this time... I'm sure my future roommate won't be so traumatic ;) I'm looking forward to meeting her! ::)

    I hope I haven't traumatised you with my personal experience: people are not necessarily so bad, I was just unlucky and had no opportunity to move, differently from Florida. That's it :)
  10. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    I think you wrote in my leaving book about the darn german lads hehe

    Dont worry too much about the appartment situation.

    If your in a wellness and your roomie brings in alcohol warn them and then if they keep it there report them - it sounds harsh but you get caught with it in your appartment even if its not yours or you dont know about it you can get termed. I know several uk people who kept their alcohol in their mates non-wellness appartment.

    Drugs in any appartment is gonna be a term offence too - again report it - let the others in your appartment know as well.

    everyone knows the rules about this and they shouldnt be putting other peoples contracts at risk by it

    Most people go through a couple of roomies in their contract as well - either through moving appartments or because their contract finishes ata different time to their roomie. If the roomies are being really inconsiderate theres like housing guidelines and you can contacvt price management and they will set up a meeting to discuss the issues -m didnt happen in my appartment but i know it happened in someone elses. if they cant reacdh a solution then they will suggest people moving
  11. Hamburger

    Hamburger New Member

    Don't be too afraid now of German roomies - we're not all stomping on floors and yelling (unless, of course, there's the soccer world championship going on - now that is the only time I can imagine us doing that!). We are usually pretty quiet and none of OUR roomies ever told us we're too loud!!! We always had people from all different countries at the parties during our time, and believe me, everybody can be loud when it comes to watching sports or singing unknown songs or whatever...

    It is the different times people have to get up to go to work which makes it hard to live together, but I myself found that after my year at Disney, I sleep a lot sounder because I got used to not waking up easily. Whether 3am is late or early is just a personal point of view. You can always get the security guard, or maybe just go upstairs and knock and either party with them, or ask them to be more quiet. Everyone during my time understood! You just get carried away sometimes.
  12. whiterabbit

    whiterabbit New Member

    I was wondering about any problems anyone might have had regarding cultural differences. Not to offend anyone but I hate the smell of a lot of traditional asian cuisine and it would sort of bother me if my roomie insisted on eating smelly food every night & day!

    Any stories good or bad? Should I even be worried about this or am I just a little crazy? :p
  13. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    Cultural differences - well my first roomie from botswana would walk around topless, never locked the bathroom door and played christian gospel music a lot - i got on fine with her but the naked thing did shock me especially when my male friends visited

    Alternatively my mate used the sieve to clean out the pet fish tank and her japanese roomies were disgusted and refused to use it again even tho it had been washed.

    I had 2 appts with different german roomies - the first was a neat freak and expected everyone to be silent between hours of 8pm and 10am seriously you couldnt even watch tv without her complaining. The other was incredible untidy, lazy and dirty and we had many disagreements over dirty dishes and trash

    The italians i shared with were the loudest not on purpose but like you could hear them outside the appartment when they were inside on the phone lol

    Oh and my norwegian roomie woke me up once by laying on top of me and staring at me until i opened my eyes and screamed - at which point she asked me if we were going to the gym lol

    but its all part of the experience and you can move if things are bad - and like ive said before you can contact housing if you dont want to move and they mediate meetings and stuff to sort out problems
  14. whiterabbit

    whiterabbit New Member

    LOOOOOL those stories are all hilarious! that being said its funny when im reading what happened to you but id be a little ticked off if my roomie did that stuff :p but i guess thats all part of the fun! LOOL thanks again for those stories! you've actually made me want this more! ahahaha
  15. 2005CP

    2005CP New Member

    My German roommates were that noisy one night because they had German lads ("Deutschland, Deutschland, Ja Ja Ja!" seems to be burnt into my mind) there, that i actually slept in my (amazing soundproof considering there is a bedroom and a bathroom between the noise and me) walk in wardrobe once.

    As comfortable as this temporary bed was, it only happened once-every other time, i used to call security and give them an anonymous tip off if they got too out of control ;)-dont get me wrong, im not a kill joy, i used to go to UK lads most weeks myself,so most of the time i wasnt even there, but sometimes you just need sleep!
  16. forloveofmusic

    forloveofmusic New Member

    The only cultural difference problem I had was that both of the Chinese girls that lived in my apt would almost always let their rice/soup/whatever they were making that day boil over because they would run off and do something else in another room and they never cleaned it up. I don't know if it was just these girls or a cultural thing or even just an age thing where they had never lived on their own before and/or had to clean up after themselves.... but it was kind of annoying :-\ I even wrote out instructions on how to take apart and clean the stoves one time lol thank god 3/4 of my contract I lived outside of housing and only had to deal with my and my man's mess lol
  17. pinksparkles2

    pinksparkles2 New Member

    I have a nice story about a roomie!

    When I did my ICP in 2010 I made friends with a girl who I knew would be on my flight on Facebook first. We met at the airport to get on the plane together and really got on. When we arrived at Vista Way, just by pure CHANCE we had been put in the same bedroom! We spent 3 months together and never annoyed each other, not even once.. just got on so well! We had completely different working hours, but we were usually both so tired that we slept through each others alarms and you just get used to it eventually anyway! We're still great friends now.. we've stayed with each other for weekends a few times a year and have both reapplied to do the CRP together!

    About cultural differences.. we shared our flat with 2 French and 2 Chinese.

    The French girls were as nice as can be really. They usually kept themselves to themselves (actually one had a boyfriend staying in Orlando who could afford for a hotel for them to stay in! So I didn't see her too often). But they were both really friendly, and when we did spend time together we did get on well with the Frenchies!

    The Chinese girls could be slightly difficult to live with sometimes.. One of them liked to blow dry her hair in the kitchen? And there was constantly long hairs all over the surfaces and on the floor getting stuck to your feet - ew. And they did cook smelly food, but that's just something you've got to try and respect because they might think you're food is totally smelly food too.. it's just different! But they also used to have 'breakfast parties'. They would have like 8 friends over at 8am to cook breakfast together nearly every weekday. We never understood why it always had to be in our apartment? And they would be so loud right outside our bedroom door shouting in a language we didn't understand and it got pretty annoying after a while. But the worst thing was they made no effort to try and socialise with us.. if you were in the kitchen at the same time as them they would basically ignore you. And it just felt so awkward when they had friends there and you walked into the living room and all of them just look at you but don't even bother to say hello!

    Woah, long post! Hope it's an insight for some of you!
    But at the end of the day, the only person you really have to see on a regular basis is your actual roommate.. you can avoid the other flatmates if you need to.
    The only thing I'm worried about now is going back for the CRP (if I get in!) and my roommate not being as amazing as my roommate last year :(

  18. pinksparkles2

    pinksparkles2 New Member

    HEY! Just wondering where you lived with your boyfriend and how you went about getting somewhere else to live? (Unless he lived in Florida himself?). And did you still have to pay Disney rent? Just that I've reapplied to go out with my boyfriend and obviously if we got in we wouldn't be able to live together and wouldn't get much privacy having to share bedrooms with other people!
  19. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    as part of your visa and contract you have to stay at disney property - this means that even if you do get a hotel with a boyfriend your still going to have to pay the rent to disney. Also it's highly unlikely they would let you have a one bedroom appartment for the two of you together and they certainly wouldnt let you live in a mixed (male/female) appartment.

    Whilst you might have understanding roomies who dont mind your bf staying over occasionally generally your roomies wont like it - especially if you share with someone from a different culture who have different values to you.

    also if by any chance you and the bf are put into different housing complexes you are not allowed to stay over night into a different appartment complex than your own and if you get caught then your likely to get termed and sent home
  20. forloveofmusic

    forloveofmusic New Member

    My man was not a cast member - we met at a bar in Orlando during one of the CRP "International Parties". He was in town for several months doing construction so his company paid for his suite, and I just moved in with him there (thankfully there was a free shuttle to disney lol). Over the course of my contract we got engaged and finally married and even then I had to pay Commons rent, even though we had found a real apt in Kissimmee and were living there full time. It's something you have to deal with.

    I do know a couple, however, who arranged a co-ed living situation without Housing knowing.... If you get into a 1 bedroom with another girl who is in a long term relationship as well, and both of your bfs do too, you can secretly switch. Just when inspections come around, make it look like 2 girls/boys live there.

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