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Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by disney-dude, Jun 18, 2011.

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    Management wont mind you snoring but your roomie might - perhaps wanr them when you arrive that you snore and see what happens? Personally I cant sleep with snoring (I once nearly smothered a mate when we shared a room in a caravan and she snored all the time so i didnt get any sleep!!!) but I can sleep with my ipod headphoes in so for me it would be okay as my ipod would drown it out
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    SO I guess I have to buy a new I pod for my roomies hahahahahahahahaa
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    Is it a fact that you can't leave Disney housing any more? When we were there, we were able to move out and house privately and not pay Disney housing fees. Although of course not many people did, as there was a serious transportation problem! But that's been year ago!
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    I will say that I was extremely lucky to have the best room mates during my program. I lived in a 4 bedroom 2 and a half bath. 5 of us (from Mexico, Italy, Norway, Canada and UK) in my apartment arrived on the same day, which i think worked in our favour, as we experienced everything from the beginning together. My actual room mate was from Canada and to this day we are still friends and she even came to my wedding. I am still friends with all the girls on FB.

    Before we all arrived there was 3 people (Japan, China and Germany) living in a 8 person apt for 3 months by themselves. 2 of them (from Japan and China) couldn't handle the house being full and moved to a one bedroom together. They liked everything quiet after 10pm which is really hard when your only getting home from work around that time! We then got a French girl and several months later an American moved in.

    We got shared internet and all chipped in. We drew up a schedule for trash and cleaning the common area of the apt. You were responsible for your own room.

    The closet is a large walk in one where you can get changed without disturbing your room mate. My room mate and I did keep our supply of toilet paper in our room as the two girls that shared our bathroom never bought toilet paper and we didn't think it was fair that we kept supplying it. My room mate worked in F&B and I was in Merch so we did have completely different schedules. I would start early and she would usually work lates. We had no problems. We were considerate of each other, even when we came in drunk, lol. 2 of my roomates, one of their friends and me even did a trip to Miami together.

    I honestly believe its what you make of the program and the living situation. If you go in with a stigma and fear of everything you might end up noticing more problems that may not have been an issue if you went with a open mind. Just my opinion.

    All the best and enjoy the experience. Was the best year of my life!
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    CPB, I did two programs in 1982 and 1984 resp.

    I am excited to see that although many things changed, the main "feeling" has not changed at all. For us too it was the best year of our lives. With the participants of the 1982 program, we still have a reunion every 5 years, always in a different part of the world. Of course, nowadays it's easy to stay in touch, but we managed to do this during pre-fb times as well.

    Now, my daughter is planning to do her year. I am thrilled, as you can imagine. I am re-living everything through her, and through you guys here in this forum.

    When we first arrived in August 1982 just before Epcot (then it was called EPCOT Center) opened, we stayed in Snow White Village on Seven Dwarfs Lane in Kissimmee.

    Does anybody still know SWV?
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    You can't get out of paying Disney rent. I married an American on my program ('09-'10) and didn't live in my apt for probably more than half of my contract and still had to pay 90/week for my Commons address. It's part of the papers you signed on the day you arrived. I was lucky to have a Lynx bus very close to my house that went right to MK so I could get to work.

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