Random...Stupid Guests?!

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by Danman, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. Danman

    Danman New Member

    Hey All
    This has surely affected everyone at some point. The most stupid/random/special guest u ever served?

    Now coming from the UK I lost count the amount of times I had to explain exactly what the UK was to the guests? (Laura, Sarah etc u know what I mean)

    But when I was actually asked on KIdCot the following question, I nearly fell of the chair:

    "What language do you guys speak over in England?"

    Somehow(!) I convinced her it was english though I doubt she believed me.

    Anymore from anyone else?
  2. Buzz Lightyear

    Buzz Lightyear New Member

    Hey Dan how's it going?! Long time no see!! How was the states?

    Once I was on the morning podium shift at the Rose & Crown and I had some Chinese guests come up to me and whilst pointing to the UK Pavilion on the Epcot park map asked me where the Magic Kingdom was. They wondered why they couldn't see the castle. Muppets.

  3. Buzz Lightyear

    Buzz Lightyear New Member

    Oh and another incident happened on my last day with one of my managers! On the back of the menu of the Rose & Crown there's a map of the UK - by chance the division lines in-between the countries England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland happen to be blue which promted the question from her:

    "What are the rivers called which seperates England and Scotland and England and Wales?"

    I stook looking at her in disbelief for a good 10 seconds - my last 15 mins working at the UK Pavilion were spent trying to teach one of my managers about the UK. ;D

    Aww I miss Laura

  4. Rudy

    Rudy New Member

    what's it like in the ukraine?

    how long did it take you to learn english?

    do you have electricity in england?

    do you have bikes in england?

    i know a woman in england called sheila do you know her?

    as soon as you tell them where you're from, "is it near london?"

    "mommy i don't know what language she's speaking" i asked her if she wanted a menu to colour in!!

    i was just thankful i wasn't scottish, as they got called english every minute of the day.
    and i reckon the german pavillion got the dumbest most cruel questions from what my roomate told me.

    you begin to find them funny in the end! ;D
  5. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    You find it funny and feel sorry for them at the same time...It must be hard to be THAT stupid! ???

  6. Sophie

    Sophie New Member

    excellent question scuzzer ! ! you know how much I love guests.
    well coming from Canada, a country that BORDERS the States, I thought that our neighbors knew a little about my wonderful country but it seems like no .. canada was a mystery to most of them ! ! ! but heres my top 5

    - Are you an eskimo ?! the man was dead serious ! I coudnt believe it !
    - Do you speak canadian ?!
    - So, if you are a french canadian does that mean you were born in France and Canada ?! (yes I was born in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, I am therefore french and canadian !)
    - Is canada part of the UK ?! hahaha still laughing at that one !
    - Do you ski to get to school + work ?!

    but the funniest was a guy asked a canadian if this pavilion was China ! hahaha because we do look very chinese and we are dressed as lumberjacks something you find everywhere in China ! !

    sometimes, I miss the dumb questions ... it used to made me happy ! but then I think of all the mean things guests used to tell me , especially during the War on Iraq and it makes me sad ! they really need somewhat of an education ! ! ! !

    Dan u forgot -------------------- is this england ????!!!!!!!! hahahahaha and Lucy answering no its the UK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ;D

    Sophie :-*
  7. flavour

    flavour New Member

    at the kidkot: can you write my name in german? ??? ???

    austria's still part of germany, right? but do they have their own government? *excuse me!?*
    so what's it like living in norway? *i don't know! never been there!*

    once there was a guy coming up to us telling us he lived in germany for 3 years, so we asked him where...in oslo! ??? you lived there for 3 years and don't know what country it was??

    i loved the people who were asking if we flew home each night (of course!) or if we lived in pavillion (oh yeah, and there's a huge party at night after all the guests have left!)

    but i still get this nowadays having lots of american tourists...scary!!

    later! flavour xoxo
  8. Ze Perfect Strange

    Ze Perfect Strange New Member

    yeah flav,
    i had the "can you write my name with the french alphabet?" but since we were just after morroc, might be an excuse for them..
    and i remember that guest coming up to me and said "where do you learn the french accent??do they teach that at disney so you can represent the pavillion you re working in?"so of course i told her i was french and here for a year to represent my country...she laughed looked at me and said
    " so you want me to believe that each pavillion has cast member from the country?? and disney come to each country to get you and after a year allow you to go back??"
    she couldnt stop laughing so i laughed too and i said
    " yeah true we re all american but come on you almost bought it??"
    and she was liike,
    " yeah almost bought it but i m not that stupid so where are you from?" and i answered
    "Janesville OHIO!!"
    (by the way janesville is in Wisconsin)
    and yeah of courfse some guest would cmo eto you and say oh i knwo a guy call henri from paris do you know him??? and i m like of course it s a small world after all
    oh boy got so many but that would take too long
    ZPS :p
  9. pax

    pax New Member

    jeje lucky you they asked you general questions but no offense , when they asked in mexico even that we are a neighboring country, you suppose they know something about it, NO??
    well let´s start...

    very commonly at the san angel inn cantina: are we still at the Norway pavillion? ... no comments, don´t you see the pyramid??

    do you use clothes in mexico? do you live in cabins or caves? are you still traveling on horses or donkeys?

    are tacos the only thing you eat? ...well they only eat burgers, that´s why they ask...

    is the beer refillable? can I have taco bell? they used to sell this amazing "xxx" at taco bell, don´t you have it?

    well i imagine that we all can go on and tell all our stories, I would like to hear from other pavillions...
    take care you all..
  10. flavour

    flavour New Member

    oh my god, guillaume! i can so imagine you doing that! i would have peed my pants if i had been standing there watching you!! hahahaha!! but yeah, we had lots of guests asking us that, too!
  11. Louisa

    Louisa New Member

    norway get questions like, do you have a polobear as your pet? is norway the capital of germany? do you wear your national costume every day? is trolls real..

    i even herd a storey about an amerikan who asked: do you have the same problem with your trolls as we have with niggers here in amerika? ... SHUT UP:: THAT IS SO RUUD!
  12. jojo

    jojo New Member

    Hey Sophie,

    I think it's funny that you think it's totally rediculous that a guest asked if you ski to work/school.  When I lived in Whistler, BC I DID ski or tobaggon to work!  Maybe it's not a silly question after all...

    Miss you much - XOX

  13. Louisa

    Louisa New Member

    But actually I realized that after a while I when I got interested in other peoples culture I started to sak som silly questions to them too.. But some places we just joked around since the maerikans allready asked the sillyest questions...

    But it's funny how stupid you got while you where in USA
  14. joekur

    joekur New Member

    what a great topic Dan... let's all make fun of uneducated, self-centered americans, who dont think its important to know about anything or anyone outside of their borders.... (thats just a generalization... i have some great american friends)

    -do you have black people in Canada?
    -Is it weird being in Florida and having sun everyday?
    -you have almost no accent when you speak english (wonderful! 20 years of practice and i almost got it!)
    -do you know Tom Hanson?
    -Which PROVIDENCE are you from (uhhh.. its PROVINCE!)

    most of the other ones i heard have already been mentioned....
    its nice to be back home and out of the Uneducated States of Assholes

  15. Sophie

    Sophie New Member

    Haha Jodi ... I guess you have a point there ! But I come from a big city and you would think that people have heard of Montréal before and that they know it is not in the Pole North ! ! hahaha I do have to give you credits .. theres a lot of snow in Whistler ! !

    @ Joe : haha which providence are you from ?! thats funny .. I had people asked me which state I was from and everytime would repeat we have PROVINCES in Canada ... hahaha people used to ask me if I spoke Canadian as well !!!! ahhh those stupid questions ! ! ! gotta enjoy them

    Sophie  :-*

    miss you too Jodi ... when are u coming to Mtl ?!!

  16. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    Here are a couple of my favorite questions:

    "So just how close to Panama are you?"  ( ??? Oh sir, we are neighbours.)

    "I thought you are Canadian...so why don't you have a British accent?" ( ::) Um, that would be because I'm not British. I'm Canadian!)

    "Do you have a moose back home?"  ( ??? Yes, and he gets along well with the cat.)

    "What language do you speak in Canada?" (Swahili)

    "Is everyone in Canada white, other than the eskimos?" ( :eek: Yes. We don't allow immigration in Canada.)

    "Why do you have freckles if you are Canadian?" ( ??? :eek: ??? :eek: )

    "Do your homes here in Florida have air conditioners to keep the temperature what you are used to?" (Yes. We melt easily so we periodically run into air conditioned buildings to remain frozen)
  17. Danman

    Danman New Member

    WOW the Canadians did seem to get the brunt of stupid questions.

    I have another one though. There was a quiz in Crown & Crest asking guests to name the 4 countries that make up the UK (England, Scotland, N. Ireland and Wales) Some of the replies I got are as follows:


    WOW...Look on a damn map people!!!!!!hehe
    Dan the Scuzzman!!
  18. Louisa

    Louisa New Member

    I'm just laughing! that's great Dan.. I havn't even heard anything more stupid than that. ;D
  19. Jamie

    Jamie New Member

    Wales.......Where in England is that???

    Do you know the Queen??

    one of the things that used to make me laugh was when i was serving and quests would say they were welsh....i'd say where from and they would be like Ohio.....but my ancestors who came to america were welsh!!

    and how many of you have had guests that you've talked to for ages (like spieling menu) and they say when you've finished...."oh sorry, can you repeat that i was listening to your voice"
  20. flavour

    flavour New Member

    oh yeah, i remember that! 'yeah, i'm german!' 'really, where about?' 'i don't know, my great-great-grandparents came over from germany...' oh, yeah, you are german!! sometimes i had the feeling that the only german thing about them was theit german shepard!

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