Random...Stupid Guests?!

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by Danman, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. Jjsweet1402

    Jjsweet1402 New Member

    OMG, nice bet u couldn't keep ur mouth closed lol, can see why u fell for him!!
  2. ~*Mel*~

    ~*Mel*~ New Member

    haha..that was great sarahjane...I went to London with a bunch of friends a couple years ago and one night after seeing a show in the West End, we met some people who were on the tube with us.  They were so drunk and after finding out where we were from, they asked us how we stayed warm in our igloos...we said (jokingly of course ;))that of course we had fireplaces, but it's kinda pain in the butt because then our walls would begin to melt so we'd have to cut more ice to build them again....everyone laughed and stuff, but really, i'm sure that people seriously ask stupid questions like that all the time...I guess all we can do is take comments like these very lightly, and not become offended too easily :)

    Oh and on the kilt topic, i agree with everyone, guys in kilts are very, VERY nice ;D
  3. Dan

    Dan New Member

    Right then....so I gotta wear a kilt by the sounds of things! ;)

    As for the questions, brace yourself. The unthinkable, funniest, and offensive questions are really likely to come your way over here. Just smile and answer them politely, and be happy that you're not the one asking such silly things.

  4. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    'Aren't you hot in that outfit??'

    erm, no madam...we have mini fans that are wired up inside to keep us cool!!!!! ::)

    Ellen x x x
  5. Dan

    Dan New Member

    Haha, good call! :D

    Ellen, at least in HRC you can stay inside ;D. In Merch, there is the "Cart" outside **dramatic music ambiently playing** and that sucks big style. In both hot and cold weather, and you also have to stand just right there.

    I actually felt much better freezing my ass off, wearing 3 layers in december out there, than I did in the middle of July when it was 100 degrees!

  6. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    (( purely for the entertainment of the WDW alumni)) .............

    Here's a picture of my friends and I on our way to work, taken just yesterday in the middle of July!


    Here is my husband and I, having to rebuild our home in the middle of the night because a polar bear came and sat on it:


    Here is my husband preparing dinner!


    And here is the coat I made myself, with the leftovers from dinner! (see in the background others I have made!)


    Here's a picture taken at our wedding (so glad the family could make it!)..and nice we got a day without snow!


    AND FINALLY!!!.....this is how we entertain ourselves in Canada...sit around, and wait for the animals to entertain us (of course, right before we eat them..!)

  7. Dan

    Dan New Member

    Haha! That's classic!

    Dan :D
  8. PixieDust

    PixieDust New Member

    Priceless SarahJane, absolutely priceless!!
  9. Lizzie

    Lizzie New Member

    sarah jane u made my nite!
  10. ~*Mel*~

    ~*Mel*~ New Member

    haha..that's way too funny! ;D
  11. emma

    emma New Member

    haha thas is sooo funny!
  12. Jjsweet1402

    Jjsweet1402 New Member

    sarah jane u haven't just made my nite u've made my week lol there classic congrates!!!
  13. MyLittlePony

    MyLittlePony New Member

    Going back a few posts, the reasons Americans say "European" (and yes I hate it) are:

    1. They are too stupid to know the difference between the countries.
    2. They think Europe is a country.
    3. They are too lazy to try and remember which country we're from.

    But, then again, we call them Americans, which is, technically, the same. We should call 'em UnitedStateyans or something, cuz technically Canadians and Mexicans are Americans too.
    (I know I'm defending the UnitedStateyans here, but I do have a point, right?)
  14. Celephaïs

    Celephaïs New Member

    Yeah,. I know, just don't call them Americans, as they would get peeeerty insulted, lol
    About them being lazy, calling us Europens, is kinda like us though, we call people from Africa, africans and people from the far east, asians... is kinda the same...
    As for for calling them UnitedStateyans... the proper name is Columbian... I know it's stupid, but it actually is... not to be confused with colombian of course, which is spelt with an O instead of a U
  15. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    No...we are NORTH American...thankyouverymuch! :p

  16. ~*Mel*~

    ~*Mel*~ New Member

    Totally aggree with you there, shan!!! ;)
  17. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    Ok, dumbest woman ever so far....

    'When is the rain going to stop??'

    Haha!! love them!! :D
    Ellen x x x x
  18. MyLittlePony

    MyLittlePony New Member

    My attempt at being funny while bored

    Answers for the rain question for each pavillion:
    "As soon as our siesta is over... By the way, the pavillion is closing now for siesta."
    "Its not going to. This is our Bergen week and it always rains in Bergen."
    "The rain is here to keep the boatride going."
    "It will stop when we tear the Great Wall of China down"
    "As soon as we sell all the beautiful handpainted umbrellas!"
    "Since we're all nazis, we are cursed with continuos rain."
    "This is Venice. It rains because we have to keep the canals filled up."
    "Geez, I dunno!"
    "Its typhoon season right now."
    "As soon as Godzilla stops crying."
    "Morocco is just desert and it rains one day a year. Today is that day."
    "Je ne comprends pas...?"
    "Never, because we opposed the war in Iraq and now the weather forecasters hate us!"
    "Never. It always rains in England."
    "At noon, when we have tea and biscuits"
    "Well, we expect it to start snowing soon. It rarely rains in Canada."
    "How can we build igloos out of this wet snow???"

    Any pavillion could also say:
    "What is this rain you are talking about? Is it that water in the air? I've never seen anything like it before!"
    Any other suggestions?

  19. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    I did have a little girl come in soaking wet and I said to her 'Is it raining outside?!?!' hehe! :D
  20. Celephaïs

    Celephaïs New Member


    "No, I just missed my aim in the toilet..."

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