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  1. Hey guys, I'm just doing this taxback thingimagig and I was wondering if any of yous knows what to put for employer name?
  2. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    Are you doing it on

    If you are, then I think you can just type in Walt Disney world..

    If not, your probably paying to get it done! In which case, use turbo tax, as its completely free! ;D
  3. I'm using would it still be the same?
  4. j0hnyoung

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    Pretty sure thats the one that yummy give you..It costs alot apparently..Think it was $50 when I did it for my college program..Until I discovered turbo tax..Which is free..

    Just type in turbo tax on google..Saves you atleast £30 :)
  5. Is it easy to fill in? Like do they give you a lot of help with filling it out as taxback do?
  6. Tiddelypom

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    Rob sent us all this brilliant info :) Sorry for leaving some of the extra bits in! xxxx

    Here is the form you need to fill in (it's called 1040NR-EZ for 2008 and is two pages long, there is a longer one that there's no point in filling in).

    I'm going to print it and send it in the post.

    Filling it in:

    Your identifying number is your social security, which is at the top of the return slip you just received, in case you don't know it!

    Type of entry visa was J-1

    Easy peasy name, address, country, country of nationality, write SAME in the next two boxes unless you want your refund mailed to somewhere else.

    We are single nonresident alien (box1)


    Box3 is the amount you earnt in the summer (it says in the 'wages' bit of the thing you just received)

    Boxes 4, 5 and 6 put 0
    Box 7 is the same as Box 3
    Boxes 8 and 9 put 0
    Box 10 is the same as Box 3
    Box 11 put 0
    Box 12 is the same as Box 3
    Box 13 put 0
    Box 14 is the same as Box 3
    Boxes 15, 16 and 17 put 0

    Box 18 is the amount of tax you are getting back (in the 'federal income tax witheld' bit of the thing you just received).

    Boxes 19 and 20 put 0
    Boxes 21, 22 and 23a put the same as Box 18
    Boxes 24, 25 and 26 put 0

    Tick 'no' on Third Party Designee

    Occupation I put something like 'Walt Disney World Cast Member' even though we've left

    Leave the paid pre-preparer's bit blank


    Page 2

    Fill in A, B, C (purpose was to work), E, F, G, H, I (you will put no)
    For D, J and K write N/A.


    Then you need to take the FEDERAL TAX RETURN part of the thing they sent you (there are 4 parts, detach the top left one)

    Attach this to your form and keep the other parts in a safe place!

    Then send the form (make sure it's signed!) with the attached slip to

    Department of the Treasury
    Internal Revenue Service Center
    TX 73301-0215

    p.s. after Box 23a there is a bit with 'routing number' and 'account number', leave this blank.

    Always write 'United Kingdom' and not UK, it says that on the (complicated) instructions.

    Sorry it's another ps.
    Where I said put '0' in the boxes, I think I may put 0.00 as if it's a cash amount if you know what I mean?


    Becky Chevis
    02 February at 19:06
    Rob a few questions- Identifying number is it the OMB no at the very top? or the employee's SSN number?
    Do they send us a cheque?
    Also do we send the whole 'pay slip type' document that was sent to us from Disney?
    Thanks x

    Rob Chilton
    02 February at 21:21
    The identifying number is the social security number
    They send us a cheque
    and you have to just send one of the four bits of the documents. The one that says 'federal income tax return' on it which should be top left.

    Laura Grinter
    04 February at 09:59
    On the 2nd page on F what did u put? I'm guessing No? But i was never PERMANENT?

    Rob Chilton
    06 February at 03:13
    Yes I put no! Just back from Dublin (very late)

  7. Tiddelypom

    Tiddelypom New Member

    (This is tried and tested - Rob used the exact same method last year and successfully got his cheque!)
    (And yes the form is supposed to say 2008, his last year said 2007)
  8. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    Yeah, they give you a step by step guide and explain it all like taxback do..

    I think its a no brainer to be honest..As its free and helps you through it all..I dont understand why people pay to use taxback..
  9. aj2721

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    Thankyou very much - I was spending time doing the other longer 1040NR form and this really speeded things up for me. Thanks Beth.
  10. aj2721

    aj2721 New Member

    Having passed this form onto my dad who was a tax advisor he suggested that the method above may be slightly incorrect. We should have a tax exemption of 3500 each as individuals according to the instructions, and this is not reflected in the numbers above. He suggested this number be put in the exemptions box 13, and thus box 14, our taxable income is now 0, not our total income, and thus gives reason to why your tax is 0 and you require a refund of the witheld tax. Without this you may be lying by saying your taxable income is your earnings (e.g. $2500 in box 14) yet saying the amount of tax you owe is 0, despite the tax table showing taxable incomes of $2500 owe tax of $251, likely higher than the witheld amount, and thus you'd actually owe tax money to the gov't given you haven't stated your $3500 exemption.

    Worth checking out - perhaps Rob was lucky and it wasn't spotted or they realised he'd have an exemption so let him have the refund. Or perhaps I'm completely wrong on all of this. Its worth making sure the forms are filled in correctly as they could lead to problems in returning to the US or charges of tax avasion or fraud.
  11. j0hnyoung

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    They only actually check a few at random..So chances are, a lot of the time they wont pay much attention to it..

    Needs to be right though, as you always could be the one picked at random to be audited..Does anyone no if this method is free?
  12. When using turbotax, do you have to do state taxes as well as federal?
  13. j0hnyoung

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    Nope..Florida doesn't have a state tax..
  14. Chrissi

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    Has anyone received their cheque yet? I did my return mid February and still have nothing
  15. aj2721

    aj2721 New Member

    Well good news, I've recieved my full refund from last summer today, filling out the 1040nr tax return myself and posting it in February. I gave them my US bank account details so they could deposit the money directly rather than send a US$ cheque (and pay a fee for depositing a foreign cheque in the UK). Its there now ready to be spent next time i'm in the US!

    If you didn't know already you can see the progress of your refund at 'Where's my refund'.,,id=96596,00.html

    Put in your social security, filing status (single, married etc) and your refund amount and it will tell you the date it expects to give you your refund. (allow 3-4 weeks for a paper return).

    Hope you all recieve your refunds soon.
  16. aj2721

    aj2721 New Member

    Also worth noting I filled in the form pretty much in the way explained on page one of this forum, though did some alterations as mentioned at the bottom of page one about stating our tax exemption (because we earned under the $3500 exemption) so our taxable income is $0.
  17. Chrissi

    Chrissi New Member

    Awesome thanks. I just checked and they just send the cheque yesterday.
    Yay dubai holiday here I come!!! ooh how I love tax refunds ;D
  18. TastyTorz

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    Ive been told that we HAVE to send a tax back thing. is this correct? i will only end up with a few dollars so isnt really worth it. thanks
  19. Tiddelypom

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    Use a free one like the one I posted. but read andrew's note as well to make sure it's right :)

    Then you are not charged huzzah
  20. aj2721

    aj2721 New Member

    Oficially, yes you do have to fill in a tax return, just as you would in Britain (if you're resident there). We're getting a refund because our income was below the taxable income threshold. The same applies in Britain - you don't have to pay taxes on income from earnings and savings for the first £6000 or £7000 in the UK (don't remember the exact figure), so could get tax back if you've paid anything through your employer or bank if you've paid any tax. Either way you'd still have to declare your status in your tax forms.

    The same applies in the US - for all they know your income could have been above the threshold and perhaps owe them more tax. Unfortunately the deadline for handing in your tax return is 15th April (and as far as I know the form you'll need to fill in can't be done online) so getting it there on time will be pretty tricky. You can fill in the form yourself, use free tools or use a company (for a fee). Whether they'll bother to chase you up if you don't fill in a return (or whether there are penalties for handing it in late) is another matter however, but officially all income has to be declared to the IRS and legal action can be taken. (sorry for being such a downer)

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