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  1. Tiddelypom

    Tiddelypom New Member

    That tracking site 'can't give any information on [my] tax return.'

    Fanbloodytastic ???
  2. aj2721

    aj2721 New Member

    On that basis I'd think they haven't processed your tax return yet, has it been three weeks? Mine was sent at the end of February, as it happened, I only found out the tracking tool the day before mine was due back to me anyway.
  3. 2005CP

    2005CP New Member

    it was relatively simple for me, as i sent my details to their london office. However the result was not as i expected. I got a BILL for (ok, not a huge amount) $150. So whereas everyone else got a few hundred or even thousand dollars back, i had to pay extra because they hadnt taxed me right when they should have
  4. Gahh I'm still waiting for mine :mad:
  5. Tiddelypom

    Tiddelypom New Member

    Got mine back a few days ago yay that's $203 to the summer fund!
  6. aj2721

    aj2721 New Member

    I'm surprised at that, presuming you did a summer ICP you won't have earned much over the summer, and so as long as your taxable income was below $3500 you should get any taxes you paid back. The tax is being returned because we were on such low incomes that the first $3500 shouldn't be taxed and so can claim a refund, its not just because we're international. If you earned over that then yes you may need to pay taxes on some of your income. Mentioning the London office suggests you used a private firm such as (which charge a fee to calculate your taxes and fill in the form for you) rather than give the forms directly to the IRS. If you did just do the summer program and therefore in the low income situation I described I'd query it, perhaps you or they filled in the forms incorrectly as you should't be paying tax, and deserve a refund of anyting that was automatically taken from your wages (unless their fee is very high, amounting to more than the refund you earned)
  7. 2005CP

    2005CP New Member

    i did the crp and was in a tipped position-so was taxed a lot
  8. aj2721

    aj2721 New Member

    That explains it then!
  9. 2005CP

    2005CP New Member

    to a degree-however the other people doing the programme got money back-i think i was just unlucky and didnt get taxed enough during the year so the mistakes were rectified at the end of the year
  10. Ladylou17

    Ladylou17 New Member

    Can you explain further what is that taxback?

    filing back taxes
  11. flashinghelmet

    flashinghelmet New Member

    Hey kids.

    On the form, on ''F: Did you give up your permanent residence as an immigrant in the United States this year?''

    I have no idea what that means???

    I was on the graduate course from october 2007 until april 2008.

    anyone help?
  12. ElisaTonks

    ElisaTonks New Member

    we were not a permenant resident we were classed as non-immigrants, so the question doesn't apply to you.
  13. neevyweevy

    neevyweevy New Member

    Has anyone else done their tax return after the deadline? If so, did you have to do anything differently? I'm the most badly organised person and STILL haven't done it!! ::)
  14. Well I did mine before the end of the deadline but I never got anything back even though I was owed around $90.
  15. Elle

    Elle New Member

    Sorry to revive an old thread... but the information in here is really useful, and I have no questions regarding how to fill the form in. But I haven't been sent a W2, most people got it as an e-mail, which I never received. I e-mailed the W2 reissue office yesterday asking for it to be reissued and haven't heard anything back at all. I'm getting slightly worried as the deadline is less than a month away and I can't fill in my form without the W2.

    I don't even care about the money back, it's the fact that I hope to work in the US again and have holidays planned in the US and I don't want to end up with a flag against my name for tax evasion! So, anyone have any ideas what to do if you can't file by the deadline? Or where better to contact Disney for a W2 reissue? I tried the e-mail which I believe to be correct. I also tried a slightly different e-mail address that I found through search on this site and it failed to deliver.

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