Termination stories?

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by SarahJane, May 14, 2005.

  1. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    I got terminated from WDW! Here's the abbreviated story.....

    I fell at the gates of Vista Way and sprained my ankle! I swore and said "F&*$%" a few times because my ankle was swelling up and I couldn't walk! So security came and told me that I just broke my contract, because I used "profanity on Disney property"! He told me not to bother going to work the next day, because I was being sent home!

    Well I didn't believe him, and I went to work the next day! I was in the Canada attraction, when one of the supervisors came and said I shouldn't be there, and he took me to the Canada/UK manager's office......

    It was there that the manager read to me the report that the security officer wrote up - it was total bull! He said that I tried to fight him, and he had to call in extra security to handle me because I was so out of control!

    I started crying and said it wasn't true, and asked that he talk to my friends, who were witnesses that it didn't happen like that! I admit to swearing, but hey - no 'guests' were around..it wasn't like I was on the job at the time....

    Anyways he refused to speak to my friends, and said I had 24 hours to leave the country. I told him that there was an ice storm at my home town (Ottawa). He said too bad - Canada's a big country and to find another city to fly to. Niiiiice.

    So I got back to Vista Way and my apartment - word travels fast of course, so there were two of fellow Canadian cast members sitting on the steps waiting for me....

    I was SOOO upset at the LIES this schmuck told, that I refused to give up!!!

    So while my friends were packing for me (lol), I was on the phone with the vice-president of Epcot! LOL! Honestly, I have NO idea how I got his phone number, but I did!

    So loooong story short, I got my job back...with a week off with full pay, and that security guard was fired!!

    People couldn't believe I 'overturned' my termination, but as if I was going to just leave unjustly!!

    Well, now that THAT is off my back, anyone else have any termination stories to share!!!
  2. *Laura*

    *Laura* New Member

    ah so here the mystery ends!!

    before i went out to disney i had the shit scared outta me cos someone told me that story but didnt know who it happened to!

    nice one for getting it overturned, i would have done the same thing, some of those security guards were just out to get people, anyone remember scouser???? he was termed after 2 security guards had bit of a barney with him and then in their report they said he was being racist of something to them and that he tried to beat them up, but i dont think so!!! cant exactly rememebr the full story, anyone else care to divulge?

  3. mickeyluvssteph

    mickeyluvssteph New Member

    one of the girls who work in my department (reservations) has a sister who was terminated she was dating one of the older guys and one day they were coming back from DTD well he asked her to hold his beer and she did and because she was under age security caught her and she was fired. Her own boyfriend told them it was his but because she was holding it they fired her.

    CM Disney Reservations
    Orlando Florida
  4. Melissa

    Melissa New Member

    Hello Stephanie,
    It is good that you all share your stories. I will try ALL MY best to avoid all these.
    I am sorry for the girl. The girl is innocent. She JUST held the beer for a moment. It was NOT fair. She did NOT drink right?
    The security guard was mean. He did NOT know what the WHOLe thing was about and just reported it to the supervisor.
  5. Melissa

    Melissa New Member

    I'm sorry to hear that you had such an experience. If I were you, I would NOT know what to do and just cried.
    The security guard was crazy. He just made up the story. Why did n't he have to be so mean to participants of the programme.
    It seems to me that the security guards are absolutely NOT lenient.
  6. Winnie

    Winnie New Member

    It seems that the secruity guards are very terrible .
    we should be careful in behaviour
  7. brightlight42

    brightlight42 New Member

    hi laura i remember that story bout scouer, he was walking his girlfriend back to vista and she needed to phone a taxi at the commons but the guards wouldn't let her in so he said he would phone it but then they wouldn't let him use the phone so he got a bit annoyed but he didn't hit them of shout or anything he said he just didn't under stand why they weren't letting him get his girlfriend home. The guards took his id of him and the next day in the termination meeting told him that he was being racist and that he had hit on of them, some of those guys are cruel.

    love tina xoxo
  8. Tinkerbell

    Tinkerbell New Member

    thats awful..very cruel indeed..

  9. gry

    gry New Member

    Oh my god!
    I heard your story to SarahJane, you are famous!!
  10. Anika

    Anika New Member

    Now that  I´ve read all these stories, I´m actually a little bit shocked. Sounds as if we´re always kind of the victims here and that these security guys could say and make up anything they want... ???
    Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves or is it just bad luck if they have s.th. against us or had a bad day?
    God, am I happy to be over 21 and at least not in danger of being terminated for drinking alcohol or being caught with it. But the ankle story is actually something that could happen to anyone here... :eek:
  11. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    Just don't give security any reason to "know" you in a bad way. If you are always friendly and pleasant with them, you will have no problems...but, if you cause them grief then they will have you on their hit list. It's that simple. They knew my boyfriend well, and therefore me, so I always just tried to say hi and stay on their good side.

  12. *Laura*

    *Laura* New Member

    come on people, any more termination stories?? this topic is already starting to head off track! turning from stories of terminations by the alumni to "how to avoid getting in trouble with security" :(

    isnt it funny how before we all went to florida we listened to alumni telling these stories and got ourselves really worked up and then u get there and everything just goes out of the window! hahahahaha

    any canadians remember joe who got termed?? i cant remember the story completely but think it had something to do with the sprinklers????

  13. gry

    gry New Member

    I remember Joe as well... And a couple of months later his girlfriend was terminated too
    She did Mulan, and went to make a Priority Seating for herself later tha same day..
    That didnt terminate her, but showing up for the PS did!

    So not only security can terminate you..
    You can get in trouble at work too

    I know that my managers tried as hard as they could, fighting for us if security wanted us out!
    But sometimes that doesnt help it.
    Just be nice and polite with security, and try to pretend you are nice if you aren't!
    Underage drinking is about not getting catched! If you do, it's really your own fault. Cause it's the rule.
  14. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    What really? LOL!! When were you there?

    As my husband refers to security guards, these "rent-a-cops" often are on power trips...I don't beleive the rumours that they have a 'quota', and I know that not ALL security guards are like that, but you DO have to watch your actions (and words!) cause some of them are quite trigger happy in getting someone booted.

    I know there was also two roommates got terminated when I was there... a German and a British guy. Now I can't remember who was the guilty one, but one of them had marijuana and got caught with it, so his roommate got terminated too, because they assumed he knew about it, and didn't tell on him. It was really upsetting and scary...god, the guy didn't even do anything and he got terminated.....
  15. gry

    gry New Member

    I was there just now March 04-05, but I think I heard the story on the boards here before I went down there!

    I'll mention one guy: Alfonso! ....Brrr... :-\
  16. *Laura*

    *Laura* New Member

    i think joe got termed once but he overturned his termination like sarahjane did but then few weeks later he did somehting else and so they got rid of him.........

    il never forget al, he was such a sweetie and he used to be on these boards before we all went to disney and then during his stay there he was termed too, not his fault tho but was for drugs related thing

    Sarahjane: before we went out to florida we had heard the story of this girl who fell over and hurt her ankle and got termed for swearing on disney property........but never knew who it was and never heard the rest of the story so u cleared that up for us!!! lol
  17. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    Ahhh Joe.  My little brother.  It was kicking a sprinkler head I do believe.  The list of termed Canadians while I was there could get pretty long if we started.

    My boyfriend almost got termed as well, but I went in and cried and pleaded and he got to stay.  I say it was all me and that I'm the best gf ever.

    Then there was the french guy that got termed for drugs and trashed his apartment the night before he had to leave and stole a bunch of his roomies stuff. They told security that he was having a party and this was gonna happen but security didn't really give a crap.

  18. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    LOL...yup, it really happened! I couldn't believe it! I mean, I am aware the contract said "no profanity on Disney property" and I know Vista Way is Disney property, but come on!!! It's where we LIVED, and it's not like there were any guests around....and my ankle was sprained - I was in pain!!!

    The whole thing was ridiculous...
  19. Lizzie

    Lizzie New Member

    never mind sarah jane about the other post i made..i just read it here! haha

    im NEVER goign to drink while on disney property haha...u're stories just scared me...haha
  20. *Laura*

    *Laura* New Member

    i remember a guy from my arrival group (17th sept) getting termed, he was UK food and bev, but i cant remember his name??? it wasnt chief wiggum it were someone else......... i can see his face as well which is soooo annoying!!! and then i remember he came back out on holiday or he took a little while to leave orlando? a while later with his brother? or maybe that was someone else??

    does anyone remember the story of the drunk canadian peeing behind the beaver tail hut!!?? that was such a random story but we had a massive party for the throwout and i have pics of me adn the canadian girls, including the girl who got termed, lying on the floor absolutely rat arsed!!!!

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