Termination stories?

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by SarahJane, May 14, 2005.

  1. HiddenMickeyLover

    HiddenMickeyLover New Member

    Hey Kids,
    I am on the program now and about two weeks after I arrived this guy Jesse (canadian f&b) got terminated for eating a breadstick at our restaurant. Apparently it wasn't an uncommon occourance but if you got caught you got termed. It totally sucked! Now everyone in the Pavillion refers to it as the 'breadstick incident' and anytime my friends say they're going to do something slightly risky I just look at them and say "breadstick" and walk away!
    Don't eat the breadsticks kids!
  2. Celephaïs

    Celephaïs New Member

    WHAT!!! lol

    is this a just cause..??
    was he eating while working then or what??
  3. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    Of course it's just cause! He didn't pay for it...it's theft!

    Just because other people do it, doesn't mean you CAN do it!

    I agree it sucks that he got caught, but that's just it - he 'got caught'.
  4. Celephaïs

    Celephaïs New Member

    Ah, ok, didn't say he stole it...
    Then of course he should be terminated...
  5. funshine

    funshine New Member

    dont belive everything you hear or read this is the common and stories always change.. Yes, some are true but to what extent???
  6. kelly_p

    kelly_p New Member

    then can we really beliveve anything were told? ???
  7. Quark

    Quark New Member

    No - neither by Disney nor by your colleagues. And especially on these boards, you don't really *know* people, even if you think you do. In Florida, you'll discover who you can trust and who you can't, sometimes rather quickly and sometimes you might need to get back home after a year to REALLY know. And I always tried and try to give very clever and witty advise, but everyone is an individual, and while I always think I know it best (don't we all - DON'T WE ALL? - boy, you had me there for a moment :)), I had to realize the hard way that it's simply not the case.

    As soon as you start taking everything with a grain of salt on these boards, you'll be fine. Most people on here (apart from the Alumnis of course) think they're prepared for what will happen, but it's exactly that knowledge that will cause problems - not especially regarding termination, regarding everything really. You need to make your own experiences.

    That being said, there are some universally acknowledged facts like yes, eating stuff at work CAN get you terminated, but it won't ALWAYS be the case. It sounds pretty obvious when you're here ("stealing? of course, terminate him"), but it's just like with underage drinking, things are different over there. You might be the most sensible person and still get into trouble - rightly so or just by accident.

    Also, Disney tell you all kinds of stupid stories, like their alcohol licence getting revoked when you sell alcohol to minors. Just by one single incident. Can you believe that? We did when we first heard it. Yeah, it's embarassing I know :) They make up all kinds of stuff or exeggerate to achieve what they want. And I've seen maaaany people at housing and Disney lie straight to my face, especially managers. Which is when you start thinking differently about "stealing" something to eat at work. When they treat you like s*t, why shouldn't you treat them the same way? But again - that's up to you. Some pavilions have great managers, and sometimes the bad ones turn out to be the nicest ones in the long run.

    Ah, and about strange stories, I still don't know whether someone was REALLY raped on her way back from Publix to the Commons. I doubt it. But there's always something to talk about - does the truth really matter?
  8. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    Being caught serving to minors is grounds to have a liquor license revoked...it doesn't matter how many times.

    Yes, there are lots of crazy stories...but...lots of them ARE true...lots of them are worst case scenarios that do happen. But for every crazy story that ends in termination...there are 5 more that didn't.

    Yea, you can believe lots of the stuff you are told...but not 100%. You'll quickly find out what you can and can't believe (like the underage drinking stuff) and who you can and can't believe.

  9. Quark

    Quark New Member

    Shannybanany: That's what maybe even the sheriff's office will tell you, but exactly how many times since its opening did Walt Disney World have it's alcohol licence revoked ANYWHERE on property? :) If you seriously think about it, that will NEVER happen, no matter how many CP and IPs start serving alcohol to minors. I think that's the whole point of having all those stupid classes no one listens to anyway, so that they can document it and later just fire the CM, saying they did everything reasonably possible to inform their CMs and they "took immediate action" when they learned about it. That's how they get away with dead children on Mission: Space after all...
  10. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    Sure, they may not get their liquor license revoked ever... and people DO pay attention in those classes, so speak for yourself if you didn't. I'd say the majority of people there value their jobs enough to not pull anything that stupid, and hopefully are aware that getting terminated also means getting your work visa revoked, and in turn giving you negative status with the US Customs and Immigration. Is it worth serving alcohol to minors..no way. And although some people do, most people don't.

    And what that has to do with the M:S incident is beyond me... ..start a new thread if you want to talk about that...
  11. Gareth

    Gareth New Member

    i think i understand where quark is coming from, disney is so powerful that they pretty much make the laws, and control what happens to them, not saying they are above the law but they are probably on the same level.
    if you chose to break the law or rules then expect to get cught and take the punishment, after all you were the one cutting corners, no matter how small that corner was!!!!!!!
    the classes were pretty informative, and the coffee the provide is ACE!!!! top up regularly, ha ha.
    i know that you wanna close the subject here sarah jane, but what happened with mission space? i have only heard good things so far(send me a private if its better to do so)

  12. Quark

    Quark New Member

    Why do you suddenly go on about breaking the law and whatever, I was probably one of the better CMs. I just used it as an example for the fact that Disney tell you anything if it suits them - and them losing their licence because a CM sold alcohol is ridiculous. I don't say that you won't get into trouble, and I think it's one of the easier ways to get into trouble.

    And the bit about Mission Space is about the Disney marketing machine that claims no one ever *died* on Disney property - that's because they rush people offsite and they die in hospital. They do stretch the truth quite frequently.
  13. Dan

    Dan New Member

    Regarding the alcohol license, it is unlikely that they would lose it. But if they didn't bother with the training, slacked off and let everyone use their own discretion, I can guarantee the underage drinkers amount would increase (As Quark said, it is hard to trust people, and let's be honest, not everyone on the program can be trusted, as shown by the terminations we've all witnessed). And with Disney being as high profile as they are, with everything under the spotlight, they can't afford to take the risk of anything like that happening, however small it may be. It makes good business sense, as well as thinking about their image.

    In a country where people sue fast food restaurants for making them put on weight, anything can happen. Disney rightly don't want to take any chances. As boring as the seminars may be, at lesst they're taking the necessary steps to make us aware of the repercussions, and putting the choice and responsibility in our hands. And we sign all the papers to state our willingness to adhere to it. To me, if someone gets thrown out for underage drinking, or anything else that is blatantly against the law, they deserve to go.

    Granted, they may "scare" us with horror stories of this and that, but I bet you any money it's in the law somewhere too. They have their company to look after, and our interests too.

    As for M.S, that's an entirely new topic.


  14. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    So they aren't lying to you...they COULD lose their license. Highly unlikely, but it could happen. There...they told you. Now you serve underagers and they don't lose their license...but you get fired...you were fair warned.

    Like I said...what you hear is the worst case...might not always happen but could. If you are dumb enough to serve and underager, you deserve to get your ass fired.

    Of course they mention it in the classes to cover themselves!!!!!!!! But also to teach you the laws that go with your job...not really stupid.

    And the mission space comment was a little harsh.

  15. ~*Mel*~

    ~*Mel*~ New Member

    I agree with you Shan, that Mission Space comment was harsh...
  16. Quark

    Quark New Member

    I get the feeling that the "Disney Brainwash" really worked for you guys. :) Sure they lie, but "they" and "lie" is relative of course. Don't get me started about their "food safety standards" they were so proud of - those classes were a joke, and nobody checked it. Didn't you have rats and pigeons in your restaurants? Then you must have been lucky. Who checks those standards? Reedy Creek - governed soley by Disney employees. And I bet you don't know about how Uncle Walt lied to the Florida State, just to get his special "improvement district" - there are handwritten comments of his that make perfectly clear that he never intended to build any city on Disney property.
    The whole Reedy Creek scenario is highly interesting, and there a few good books out there. All of what I said in this topic is related, from Mission: Space to Food Safey, to Alcohol Licenses and even speeding on property.
    But that's the side of Walt Disney World that you will never read about in any official Disney statement - I don't want to blame them for anything, and I find all of it very clever and impressive, but don't believe everything Disney tells you, that's all I'm saying.
    And now start finding out about Celebration...
  17. Dan

    Dan New Member

    Quark, this is nothing personal but I kind of found the "Disney Brainwash" comment just a little patronising, and I think a few others might too. We all have opinions on matters, that's what these forums are for. Whether we believe Disney or not is our sole choice. I think personally that they're no different from any other corporation, and they operate as that; a corporation. But there is no arguing here that their finished product is top class.

    I don't feel screwed over or lied to by Disney. Alright, there were a few instances when I didn't like/agree with what was going on around me, but you would find that everywhere. I think it's a bit dodgy putting a thread on here that openly criticises the company like you have.

    Like I said, this isn't personal, but remember you have an open audience here, of alumni and of course, prospective applicants.

  18. Zanitta

    Zanitta New Member

    Okay guys, I'm no moderator here but lets either pull this topic back on course or close it down, surely it's not worth arguing over?

    Anyone doesn't like the way Disney is doing things, no one is forcing you to work for or have anything else to do with them. In reality, disney will probabaly tell you what's good for disney, I think we're all intelligent enough to know that they are going to want to make themselves look good, obviously we're not going to reach a concensus on the issues being raised here and bickering isn't going to help, so lets just agree to disagree and move on. I have a feeling this topic was meant for a bit of a laugh so if you want to argue surely PM's would be a better idea than clogging up the thread.

    Okay, my two cents are now deposited
  19. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    Good two cents, Zanitta!

    Although I have to add my few cents here too..... from reading this thread, and several others, I have come to the conclusion that Quark is either a very, very bitter ex-WDW cast member, or a troll in here only to get us all riled up.

    One way or the other, GIMME A BREAK!!!
  20. Dan

    Dan New Member

    It was a pretty constructive discussion until it got to a level where people and companies are being branded this and that. I wasn't looking to start an argument, merely just trying to stress that there is no place for such things to be said, especially when people who want to go there could be reading this. I don't give a monkeys if that is percieved otherwise, I don't think there's any place for it on these boards.

    That's my 2 cents. I just thought it was getting a bit ugly, and the topic was originally meant for a laugh, as Zanitta said.

    We're all intelligent enough to understand how these many companies work these days, and also how we can make up our own minds.

    Nuff said,


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