Termination stories?

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by SarahJane, May 14, 2005.

  1. Quark

    Quark New Member

    I whole-heartedly agree with you that this topic went into another direction than intended, and had I known that beforehand, I wouldn't have gotten into it.

    But I think I do have a right to defend myself, and I don't think comments like "and people DO pay attention in those classes, so speak for yourself if you didn't" were very nice either - I got personal only after that.

    I also don't agree with that this forum has to be a place where only "good" things about Disney may be said - but as I said, it doesn't belong into this thread. So I'd say we leave it at that. If you knew me, you'd know that my view on Disney isn't that negative at all...
  2. Dan

    Dan New Member

    As for defending yourself, there is really no need to. You went in feet first with a lot of the stuff you said about the company etc etc, then you got personal. And people will get agitated by it.

    Agreed, there is no place for it on here, although differing opinions are all welcomed on here by all of us. Good things and bad things will pop up on here. But bitter comments and blind statements (like your thoughts on M.S and how Disney deal with such emergencies) aren't really fair and quite unjustified.

    But, end of story.

  3. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    Quark said: "I think that's the whole point of having all those stupid classes no one listens to anyway,".... you generalized, so I pointed out you shouldn't generalized...what's wrong with asking you to speak only for yourself? I don't want you speaking for me, or anyone else if you aren't going to be accurate. If that's personal, sorry you took it that way, but I ask from now on, don't speak for the rest of us.

    And you're right...differing opinions are welcome, but I think this is a place where perhaps you shouldn't come across so angry.....I've been a member of these boards..since uh, when were they orginally created? 1998/1999? There've been many disagreements, but the anger and tone behind your statements, sorry, makes me beleive your intentions here are to ruffle feathers. If I'm wrong I am apologizing in advance.... I know you say: "If you knew me, you'd know that my view on Disney isn't that negative at all...", but maybe re-read some of posts and wonder why we think that way.

    Anyways, back to the topic at hand....terminations.... Anyone else been terminated? I have to admit, I'm still proud that my termination reversed. I was NOT about to get screwed over for something I didn't do!! However, I have to say I have seen people DO worse AND get caught, and not even get a reprimand!!!
  4. ~*Mel*~

    ~*Mel*~ New Member

    After reading a few of the termination stories, i am starting to worry a little bit about how easy it seems people get fired...Good for you, SarahJane, for standing up for yourself and fighting for your rights.  I guess it's safe to say that if you were fired wrongly, you should stick up for yourself and not just sit back and let them toss you out without at least hearing your side of the story....
  5. Quark

    Quark New Member

    I plead guilty to generalization, and I realize that in doing so, I have offended people that obviously listened to the classes, just as I did.

    So I'd say I'm sorry for the fact that I got carried away and that my style of writing comes across as all-negative. Just let me know if you notice it again - I'm really trying.

    Now, as for the original topic of termination stories. There's one about a US guy who got terminated in Chatham for owning a "weapon" - a decorative sword he had bought at the Chinese pavilion and for which he even still had the Disney receipt. I found that kinda funny, but I didn't know him personally, so take it with a grain of salt.

    As for myself, I was semi-terminated as well. I had gone to a trip to California with a couple of friends. We stretched ADOs, sick-calling etc. to the limit, although my break in particular was perfectly "legal" because I had a back-to-back and I think a personal day and some other time off that I don't remember. Anyway, on the day I was supposed to be back at work I got a call from housing if I was still living there. WTF? She said I'd better report back to work because I was in trouble. Half an hour later, two people from the International Program knocked on my door - hadn't seen them checking up on people in the Commons either. They were kind of embarassed when they saw me standing there in my pyjamas, as they told me that they had heard rumours that I was living in another apartment by now (they even knew a number) - which I apparently wasn't. And when I came to work, I saw on the schedule that I didn't have any shifts anymore - name there, shifts gone. You can imagine how that felt. I spoke to my manager, and she almost died of shock when she saw me back in my costume. It turned out that *SOMEONE* had spread the rumour that all of us (or me specifically) had taken a final trip to California and weren't going to return afterwards. I DID mention to some people that I might leave earlier, but never in that context. To this day I don't know who spread that rumour, but my managers obviously believed it. I also don't know who came up with the ridiculous idea of me leaving in another apartment. Luckily, my brother was visiting the same week - so first of all I had proof that I never intended to leave and secondly my manager was so embarassed that she gave me ADOs for the whole week - she had already rescheduled anyway.

    Funny things happened, and most of them to me. And before you ask: No, I don't know anyone at the pavilion that I might have offended with a posting on this board :)
  6. Quark

    Quark New Member

    Mel, I just saw your posting, and in continuing to post with a more balanced view, I have to agree with you. Standing up for yourself and others can be quite difficult, as you don't have much pressure to put on anyone, but I *have* seen a couple of remarkable things happening. Some people just never bother trying. When termination really is unfair and unfounded, there at least is a chance of someone setting things right again, ranging from speaking to your managers to sending a letter to Brad Rex.
    Of course, there's no guarantee, and just trying to talk yourself out of things hardly works. But it's not that every single termination is final...
  7. Amy_99

    Amy_99 New Member

    ok i am completly scared now, it seems like a totally regimental operation.
    I currently work in a bar and get v. drunk on occasion, i feel i will bed giving up alcohol if i get over there.
    All this pettiness as well between security and other people trying to kill ya?
  8. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    It's not that bad...and...for the millionth time...you'll see when you get over there. People get termed for doing stuff they shouldn't do...so just don't be stupid and you'll be fine. These stories are the extreme!! Yes, crazy stuff happens...but...just think of all the CMs that pass through the Commons in a year and then look at the number that gets termed and look at all the really crazy stuff that goes on. If you work like you are supposed to and don't get completely, utterly out of your face pissed...you will be fine. Keep on the good sides of Managers and Security...don't give them a reason to term you!

  9. Quark

    Quark New Member

    Ahh, but I hope that it wasn't me scaring people now - this is a topic about terminations, so you'd have to expect all those stories in one place. I always worked hard, I never drank much even though I was overage and I still sometimes feared I might get terminated for some stupid stuff (happens), but you learn to live with it - and to be honest, after I'm home now I think I just didn't realize that my managers DID know that I did good work, and they would have protected me against the more ridiculous stuff. If you p*ss off security or your managers, or think you can get away with everything, it's a different matter.
    The classic example is "stealing"/eating behind the German buffet - and yes, I know you guys don't agree, but it was kind of accepted because, after all, it's a buffet and we threw lots of stuff away anway. But there were some that were terminated on the spot when caught eating, and there are plenty of stories were a manager told someone "I didn't see that - don't do it again". Generally to people that were harder working and more liked than others. They knew who they could count on - even though it didn't help much most of the time and they never really told you. But sometimes, it made a difference.
    So try to be yourself and live by the rules. Should you then get terminated for something stupid, whcih then is highly unlikely to begin with, you a) don't have to blame yourself (and many people did) and b) you can stand up and fight, because you're sure you didn't do anything wrong. As I said, that's much easier than trying to talk yourself out of something stupid you did and which was apparently wrong.
  10. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    What it comes down to, is the laws there are the same as laws most anywhere...don't drink underage, don't steal.... and this means in any way shape or form.

    What makes it seem so tragic is that people are SO gung-ho about being there, and they end up acting stupid, so stupid acts sometimes result in a stupid termination.

    Also, the results are more tragic if you get fired from WDW then if you get fired back home. This is your DREAM job, and you lose it in a second.....AND your work visa gets revoked so you have a black mark in the US customs and immigration systm (that's REALLY bad).

    Just think though...even back home you can get fired for eating the food without permission if you work in a restaurant...and you can get fired for serving alcohol to a minor back home....and hey, getting caught drunk underage back home can have WAY WORSE results back home then just getting fired from Disney.

    Also remember that people who work for WDW are still hormone and adreneline powered kids - I admit it, I was one of them....so rumours and embellishments and half-truths and plain ol' gossip is spewed left right and centre. Take the stories with a grain of salt, and remember there's always another side to the story. (ie - "Omg a guy got termed for eating a bread stick!" ....the other side - Sure that's lame, but it's theft, no? Maybe he had been warned not to do it before, and he 'got caught' again, so they fired him)

    Don't worry...
  11. Zanitta

    Zanitta New Member

    I never quite understood people who do that either, when it's a job that you went through such a long interview process for and so. many. other people wanted it then why screw it up over something stupid. Not to mention that as well as all the consequences already mentioned I think (somebody confirm it for me if they know?) that if you get terminated or leave the program exceptionally early for no good reason (I'm not talking about valid ones, jusr quitting) you get a staus put on your file that says 'do not rehire', so not only do you blow this chance you blow your chance to try again.
  12. Quark

    Quark New Member

    Well, once again I have one semi-confirmed rumour that someone who was terminated later on was hired with the Cruise Lines, and some less confirmed rumours of people not having any problems with customs when terminated and reimigrating. I wouldn't rely on it, but I'm fairly sure that nothing is consistent when it comes to rehire, imigration etc. either. There seem to be all kinds of different ways of getting terminated. And leaving on your own free will is yet another story.

    And about risking your job etc., half of the people I arrived with left earlier or "had" to leave, but most of them didn't realize what they had given up until they were leaving, that's what makes terminations so sad. I don't know many people who really thought about it beforehand, and all regretted it afterwards. And everyone leaving kind of opened the eyes for the ones that were staying, which was the main reason why I changed my mind on very short notice and stayed for the full length of the program. You don't really know what you're leaving behind until the moment of truth comes closer and closer.
  13. Bonnie

    Bonnie New Member

    Hehe Sarah Jane u rock !! I've heard about ppl getting terminated for stuff they hadn't really done so good on ya mate !! :D
  14. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    If you get terminated you will get a "no rehire" status with the entire Walt Disney Company. If you self-terminate, that's different. That's why you can still get hired in other areas of the company if you leave early. No rehire puts you as a red...self termination puts you at a yellow and completing your contract successfully, will keep you green!

    Quark...if your semi-confirmed rumour was from when we were both there...she was one of my friends and she self-termed, which is why she got hired on the ships.

  15. Quark

    Quark New Member

    Hm, yeah, it *could* have been that, but I seem to remember that that certain someone (don't ask me for name or nationality, I don't remember) got terminated and did not self-terminate - it was indeed a girl, however.

    About that "no rehire" stuff, I asked a couple of the WDWIP guys whether leaving early would affect my rehire status, and they told me that it "would not be a good idea to leave early if I ever wanted to work for them again". And then when I applied for Disneyland Paris, they told us that they were going to check with WDW whether we had completed our contracts successfully before hiring us - not just whether we had been terminated.

    I don't think they're that sure about all of that themselves. Had I not stated in Paris that I had worked for WDW, I am sure they would never have checked anything.

    I don't know if anything of this is true or relevant, and it might very well mean that termination does give you "no rehire". I wouldn't want to risk it in any case.
  16. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    I worked for the Walt Disney Company before I went on the IP. The rehire/norehire stuff is true. If you self-term, but left on good terms, the chances of you getting rehired are good...but if you leave with lots of reprimands and on not so good terms...you might not. It just means they'll look at you a little closer than they would someone on rehire status. It might come down to someone with a yellow rehire status and someone with a full green and they make take the full green.

    I'm 95% sure that my friend is the story floating around...regardless she self-termed and was rehired.

  17. Quark

    Quark New Member

    Yeah, I'm getting more and more convinced that it is about the same person.

    But still, the rehire/no-rehire stuff might apply to WDW, or in broader terms to Disney in the US, but EuroDisney SCA is a different COMPANY even, and I don't think they routinely perform checks across continents. They basically picked up the phone and called the WDWIP office to enquire about us, and god knows what information they gave them. I would expect the same to be true for Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland, and I'm not that sure whether ESPN would perform a cross-reference if I started to work for them in IT.

    Darn, I'm going off-topic again, the above doesn't really change anything, and I didn't know about that "yellow" status when self-terminating, it's probably not that clear-cut anyway...
  18. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    Hmmmm....whattya think the chances are that I'm on the "No Rehire" list???!!! :p ;)
  19. KatharinaBerlin

    KatharinaBerlin New Member

    Okee dokeee....

    So here are some Termination stories now, since the subject is getting out of hand :)

    In my year (2000) I saw 2 terminations and have to say that I dont know why never got terminated :)

    First, Denise from Germany got terminated for smoking weed in her appartment. She thought her roomie didnt like it and told security. They came to her place and checked it and found her smoking... well, sure... she was gone quickly. She had 24 hours :) I can surely understand that....and she thought she would get away with it.

    Second termination were two girls from Germany as well. Both stole money from the cash register at the outside bar at the German Pavillion. They just punched in one beer, when two were actually bought. So one beer was in their pocket. They made over 5000 Dollars in like 2 month and went to Mexico after their termination.

    And to me: I once had sex on a bus and was drunk (but overage :) :) ) and with the high security and the word spreading around (as we had some viewers :) )... I thought I might get terminated. But I didnt :) The guy that was in me with that.... he got terminated a few month later, but I dont know what for. Just met him a year or so later and he told me, but I forgot why :)
  20. Tinkerbell

    Tinkerbell New Member

    lmao......on the disney bus......please tell me not dynamic(wher they ther then??)..........lol thats funny you forgot what he said...who wud remember what a guy said anyways.....mwowaha.... :D ;) ;D ;D

    i only know of a few terminations...mainly underage drinking....and one cos this guy hit a girl....totlally hit her hard :eek: :mad:.....and had to be stopped by security,only cos she stumbeleddrunk onto him,by accident,well he was drunk too...but no excuse..............I hope he got terminated.....lol

    ;D please let me be on re-hire....lol....re-hire ;) :D

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