Termination stories?

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by SarahJane, May 14, 2005.

  1. that sucks! lol I really wanted to go in the hot tubs! :( too bad people are diiiiirrrty lol

    Guess I'd better make sure I'm single before I go (as long as I get in that is) I totally had forgotten that I would be living with tons of hot european guys! *drool* hee hee
  2. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    Luckily, there isn't a hot tub in the Commons...but, yes, there were/are lots of hot boys from ALL OVER!!!!! Although there are lots of not so hot ones too!!!

  3. bourricot

    bourricot New Member

    yeah, they're not really hot, but getting wasted seems to turn almost everyone into attractive people
  4. gramb

    gramb New Member

    A word to the wise...

    be careful close to the end of your contract...

    A "friend" of mine was pretty drunk on his last night and there was a Canadian party being broken up by police (not security), anyways, the hosts were being threatened to be terminated, my "friend" stepped in and had some words with the housing rep...he told him to go home and he didn't really want to, they took his ID and the next day was called in to the office and eventually terminated.

    he then told director of house to, well, you can imagine and was given an hour to leave the commons.

    dont get really drunk on your last night in the commons because he was terminated with about 3 hours left in his contract.

    graham cracker.
  5. alemanolga

    alemanolga New Member

    Can they terminate u if u get drunk even if u r over 21?
  6. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    If you're doing stupid shit...yes. AND you could be arrested. Cops in the Commons aren't an uncommon sight.

  7. personally.....I don't understand why ANYONE under 21 would drink while there. It's only a year right? If it would jeopardize the experience and point of the program then it's not worth it.
    That’s just me though :-\ I'll watch while everyone one else get pissed and I'll be havin' me some Ice Tea ::)
  8. soleil plage

    soleil plage Guest

    Fair comment - somewhere in The Commons there will be someone who will be on the same wavelength as you Tessa, you can still enjoy the whole experience without alcohol :)

    but there are people who do crazy (and i mean CRAZY) things down there - when you're in the wonderfully weird world of Disney/The Commons (no one can ever truly explain what its like you just have to go there and live it!) you tend not to think about the consequences of your actions sometimes ::)

    My tip for a termination free contract? - Just make sure you're not there when naughty/illegal shenanigans are taking place as you'll get tarred with the same brush ;)  (or just make sure that you leave early ) ;) lol!
  9. gramb

    gramb New Member

    I think that I can say without a doubt...that I personally either had drink(s) with, or saw every single canadian who was working in the pavillion at the time have at least one drink at some point in time.

    Food (or booze) for thought:
    Argue with me if will, however, I was a birdman and alot of the time people came to me and wanted to drink (regardless of age).
  10. Tinkerbell

    Tinkerbell New Member

    i was the same..with drink.........didnt want to get terminated.....so decided fullly not to drink when out there..... temptation is high.......and its not hard to get access to alcohol...personlly...i couldnt be blamed...they stick me in apartment with ppl over 21.......so i was lucky in a way...as apartment was never checked....

  11. Charlene

    Charlene Guest

    Well... I escaped a termination.

    One night I was invited to a fellow Canadian's apartment to hangout... well, out came the weed and she started rolling... I said that it was cool but I don't do drugs. I left. I see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.... but the next day she and everyone in that apartment was terminated. They were were all out in 24 hours.

    If you do drugs in your apartment ... don't get caught. Even if you don't do drugs... don't be caught with someone who does.

    I can't believe that spained ankle story! We all swear in the Commons and no one says anything. Well I guess if you swear to or around security they can use it against you... better safe than sorry I always say.

    Charlene Canada F&B Alumni 2001-2002
  12. loops_li

    loops_li New Member

    first off all, a apologize for resurrecting this long dead post, but this is my first time on here in a while, and I have to tell you my termination story. My boyfriend had had too much to drink at pleasure Island, so I went in to the mens loo to help him, cos he couldn't stop being sick. Security came in and demanded my ID, which I gave but then I argued with the security guards, all 8 of them who were around one girl who was just trying to help someone! My Boyfriend started to argue aswell, but as he hadn't been into any clubs they couldn't take his ID. Eventually we left, and I was told i was suspended. I had the next three days off anyway, so I didn't go in to work, but my b/f did (he was a college programme student) We both had to give statements, which we did, and later I got told that security said we tresspassed back on property after we left, which was a lie, which I managed to sort out. However, they eventually terminated us both (although my boyfriend was told was not in trouble) for being insubordinate to security officers and the police. Yes, security said they had to call the Orange county police, which was another lie, cos they came down but they were already there, and we were leaving as they arrived. We were then told that security wanted to have us arrested, which is a lie, cos all that happened was I went in to the guys bathroom to help my boyfriend. i wish I'd have thought to fight it like yu did Charlene, cos I really didn't deserve to be terminated like that, and yes my boyfriend was too, even though he was allowed to work!
    My firend also got terminated that night c0os she was caught drinking under age in pleasure Island, which is fair enough, but security lied about her too, saying she weed in a bush and then tried to get in a car of a women she didn't know, which was ridiculous! Basically, security were out to terminate people that night, and I although I argued with security officers, I should never have been put in that position for trying to help someone.
  13. Jmpat

    Jmpat New Member

    I heard a great termination 'rumour' on my arrival....a guy, I think we was Moroccan, hung a Mickey Mouse plush in a noose from his room. Security saw it, reported him and = termination papers!!
  14. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    That's ridiculous!! That can't possibly be true!!! What 'offense' did he really commit?
  15. Jmpat

    Jmpat New Member

    I don't know! It's just the rumour I heard...maybe you'r not allowed to disparrage the Mouse or something...chances are there's more to the story.

    All these 'horror' stories about how corrupt security are are making me think twice about my roomie who was terminated for shop lifting. She said she walked out of Mouse Works with a hair band in her hand by accident...which maybe she did...maybe she didn't, but nevertheless that was her version and I guess stricktly speaking it was shoplifiting. Next time we saw our undercover security who worked in our Pavillion he confessed it had been him who'd caught her and told a VERY different story, involving her going round the store with an empty carrier bag filling it up with snowglobes and the like....claiming to be a tourist on holiday with her family and not a cast member untill they found her ID in her shoe! We all totally bought security's version and she had gone so couldn't defend herself but maybe it was all bull???

    Another termination story I know involved a french guy who had a seizure round the pool at the commons (I was round the pool at the time this happened). Ambulance came and took him for treatment (obviously checking he had medical insurance before they did - Shocking!) and it was found that he had been dehydrated from drinking too much alchol the night before so fitted but of course, he was under 21 so he veritaully went straight from his hospital bed to the airport!!

    On a side note, a co-worker, on new years even, millenium night, took a guest into the fitting rooms in 'Pringles' and snogged the hell out of him...she'd definelty would have got terminatied for that....had she been caught! He must have beeb worth the risk!
  16. glasgow paws

    glasgow paws New Member

    The termination regarding the "hanging mickey mouse" is true. I remember the girl getting termed aswell. She was the first person i knew to get bumped. Also, cant believe the german who got termed for "borrowing" a candle from the house of blues. What a joke.

    paul :eek:
  17. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    Ya know, whether or not we think many of these terminations are ridiculous (which many of them are!), I think WDW is so strict to try and maintain a positive, glowing reputation of the IP program. I mean, if they do start to let the little things go, then little things move on to bigger things, and bigger things turn into massive things...ya know?

    I think it's a way to maintain a genuinely good bunch of kids representing WDW, and the world.

    Sure, most of us drink and party, but that doesn't make good kids bad....it's the things we actually can be (and have been) terminated for that can lead to worse things.

    I hope that makes sense.....
  18. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    Sorry.....couldn't resist ... :-[ :p

  19. glasgow paws

    glasgow paws New Member


    oh oh, security will be round at your door any minute
  20. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    Ha! Bring it on!! BAHAHAHAHHAWW!!

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