Termination stories?

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by SarahJane, May 14, 2005.

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    Lianne - i heard you got termed but never knew why - that totally sucks!! What were the UK managers like - did they try and help you out at all? Youd have thought theyd try and back you up as you were just helping out. Hope yorue doing well back on the UK, Ive been back almost three months now and Im stilll very bored!

    Hope yore well and not too down about the whole situation

    Michelle xx
  2. MPSPicard

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    Hi All!

    I have a new post for this thread. I was an Attractions Host at the Canadian Pavillion in 1998 May - October(wow, seems so long ago!) I was and still am a huge Disney fan. My arrival group nicknamed me a "Rabid Canadian" for being so in love with the job and just being there. I had started a tradition at the begining of Illuminations getting all the guest infront of our pavillion to scream when the spotlight shone on us at the begining of the show.(I wonder if they still do that) All the other people from the other Pavillions called me Mr. Disney, because of "my love for the Mouse and the job" But my time at Disney for me had a tragic(for me anyway) ending. I was termed. Here is the story:

    It was very late October just before Halloween. I was on duty with this fairly new Canadian in the Mine. I wont mention names or whatnot just to be kind. The day was slow and our Managers were asking some of us if we wanted to have an ER. Well, since I was working and Open-Close, I was going to take it, in retrospect, I should have, but I choose to stay. Since no one else wanted the ER(I know we all must have been crazy!! :) ) we had an extra flight time later on in the day. Everyone on the crew went for a flight time except two people, that's just how it worked out. Well the castmember in question went on her final break and she didnt come back. All of us in the Mine were wondering where she had gone. Another castmember was to take that last flight time of the day(which we all agreed eailer on in the day). I was upset and was calling upto the cart, merch, shop pretty much every extension Canada had. No one had seen or heard from her. Well, flight time was over and she comes strolling back into the Mine. I asked her if I could speak with her backstage, we went backstage and I asked her where she was and why she didnt return from break. To make a long story short we started arguing and she had called me an a**hole, so being in a heated arguement I called her an arrogant b*tch. For some reason, she started crying. She went back on-stage and I followed just in time for our Manager to come down. He saw she was upset and asked me what happened. I said that nothing had happened. Well he talked to her and about 30 minutes after he called me upto the office. I went and he asked me if I swore at her and I said I did, but we were upset. I did say that I had appoligized but that didnt help. I also left out that she had called me what she called me. I didnt think that it was going to be a big deal. Our manager asked me to go home for the rest of the night and said that I was on suspension until Monday(the day being Friday). All weekend long I was terrified. I came into work Monday morning and was told I was being termed. I was crushed. I understand why I was termed but it was a tough pill to swallow at the time. As all of you Alumni know, the rumors flew around WS fast. Everyone was shocked that I was being termed. I feel bad for her as well, because almost all the Canadians were upset she caused my termination. I was told she quit about a month after I left because she couldn't handle everyone not speaking to her. At my leaving party, she showed up and was crying saying she didnt mean to get me termed and that she was very sorry. I, at the time, just couldnt accept her appology because as I told her "you runied my dream"

    In my job now, a co-worker of mine also worked at Disney. Her stories of her group were very colourful. Many of her group were termed for drugs or drinking. Very different from the Disney I remember. Thanks for letting me tell my story!

    Ontario, Canada
    ICP Participant 1998
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    That's a really tough one! God sorry
  4. DisneyMichelle

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    That is an awful story - I really feel for you, seeing as it seems like you were the perfect cast member and one tiny downfall messed it up for you. Truly sucks!
  5. MPSPicard

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    Thanks girls!, it really was a tough pill to swallow. I guess I should have faught it, but I was so crushed at the time. I still keep in contact with my Manager though, she's now working at front gate. She said to me it just wasn't the same with me gone.
  6. Littlefoot

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    Hey Chris,

    I was there in 1999 in MAC...which manager are you talking about at Front Gate? I was just down and saw Martha about 2 months ago (if that's who you're talking about).

  7. spa_life_girl

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    I am TERRIBLY SORRY to hear that story!! I think that you make your decisions based on being KIND and NOT really WANTING to rat out ANYONE but sometimes......you gotta speak up!!
    I guess I can say that sitting here READING what happened........I have an arrival date of Dec.5th and HOPE that from the EXAMPLES given here........I will think TWICE about somethings and NOT AT ALL about others!!

    I am SORRY that your DISNEY DREAM was CRUSHED..........I appreciate your HONESTY with everyone............. ;D ;D
  8. MPSPicard

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    Yep Martha is she!! Isn't she a great Manager or what?!!! I really miss her.


    No problem! I think you'll find everyone down there is pretty honest, for the most part. Have a great time, it will be an experience you'll always remember, even if it turns out to be bad in the end, like mine. Despite what happened to me, I treasure every single moment I spent down there and still tell tales of working for the Mouse. Have a blast!! ;D
  9. spa_life_girl

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    Thanks my FRIEND...........
    I go in with eyes WIDE OPEN.........as I have posted before.....I am one IF NOT oldest cast members going down for this term so I have lived alittle......worked at a CASINO for 5 years which gives me all the experience of immediate attention to detail and although I TOTALLY look forward to meeting up with my new friends......I have friends OUTSIDE of Disney life ALREADY DOWN THERE........so that will be an outside distraction that MOST do not already have!!
    I have been warned by several cast members to TURN BACK......not go........hello......would YOU have turned around if you heard some stories?? NOT SO MUCH!! I want to experience ALL that Disney has to offer me.......the good AND bad.......then only I have the opportunity to stay or go home!! I am giving up ALOT as most are to start this journey and I am NOT going to give up the opportunity given to me!!
    I TRULY do THANK YOU for the story.........we can ALL learn from others that have termed before us....................... ;D ;D
  10. SarahJane

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    Chris, I was there in '98, but I don't remember you....I must have left shortly before you arrived...who was it that you had the arguement with? Just curious...though I probably don't remember her either....
  11. MPSPicard

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    Sarah Jane,

    I arrived May 17th, 1998. I would rather not say who it was that I was arguing with. But I can tell you she arrived in mid September( I think) so she wasn't there very long before this arguement. I keep looking at your picture and it seems like perhaps we were there briefly at the same time. When did you leave? Perhaps I just remember your name being mentioned by fellow cast members.
  12. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    I left in June... and though we were both in Attractions, I seriously don't remember you! LOL! What a snob I must have been!!! That, or I was always still drunk from the night before when I went to work!! LMAO!
  13. MPSPicard

    MPSPicard New Member


    I knew I recognized you. I just could'nt remember if we actually we there together. You must remember Mark, he was my trainer. Good to know someone I worked with even if it was for a very short time! :)
  14. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    Mark van der leest -- aka "Sleeping Moose"!! What was your mine name? I was Chatty Woodpecker!
  15. MPSPicard

    MPSPicard New Member

    I can't remember my mine name, I think it had Moose in it somewhere. Big Moose, or mabey it was Big Bear or something.......I forget!.....OMG I just dug out my leaving book!! It was Soft Spoken Grizzley. My first page was from Candace. Steph was the second person to sign my book Cheif Raspyness!!! Oh, how I miss those days!
  16. SarahJane

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    LOL!! Candace was "Indian Princess"!!!

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