The one thing you forgot/wish you'd taken......

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by Anna, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. Anna

    Anna New Member

    I think I am putting this in the right place lol!!

    I'm flying out to Orlando in 4 weeks and what I was wondering was....

    .....when you did your programme, when you arrived in Orlando - what had you forgotten to bring, or wish you had brought - or the opposite, what had you brought that was a waste of space???

    I'm trying to work out all my packing you see lol!!

    Anna xx
  2. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    I'm trying to remember.....Well I definitely wished I had brought more crazy party outfits ( but I didn't know about all that before I arrived ), as there are parties all the time. I could have brought less other clothing, because I bought tons of stuff while I was there ( soo cheap ). Other than that I did pretty good. Didn't really forget anything important. Most important is you bring your favorite clothes and some decoration for your room ( pictures from friends etc. ) and the stuff you would usually take with you when you travel ( like a camera, hair dryer, towels, bath supplies, discman... ).

  3. Dannii

    Dannii New Member

    hey anna,

    i´ve just finished the program and u don't need to bring with u a hair dryer, iron, too many towels and don't bring to much make-up, bodylotion and other bla-things with u. U can buy it all at wal-mart, walgreens, publix a.s.o.

    U gonna do so much shopping that u can fill one suitcase and bring another empty one with u. :)

    Don't forget ur teddybear  ;)

  4. gry

    gry New Member

    Yeah, just bring half the clothes you want to bring...You'll end up with to much luggage when you are going home! ;)
  5. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    Yeah I bought a hair dryer once I was there but I would have liked mine from home better! Depends if you have regular or very stressy hair ( like mine ). One towel is definitely enough, you can buy souvenir ones when you go to other places. You also have a washer and dryer in your apt. I would bring some make-up, bath supplies if there are your favorites or hard to get in the States. But if you doubt to bring certain things then just DON'T bring them, the less you bring the more you can buy and take home with you!

  6. Diana

    Diana New Member

    One thing I wish I had was my Canadian flag (or whatever country you are from). Mom mailed me a flag :) I didn't even think to bring a flag with me.
  7. Lizzie

    Lizzie New Member

    im such an overpacker.....i'll go away for the weekeend and bring my entire going to try SO hard to just bring one suitcase..i'll just keep telling myself i'll buy stuff down there.....
  8. Lindsey

    Lindsey Guest

    yeah i'm trying so hard to just take one suitcase too...but im sure I'll fail miserably at it! I love clothes too much!....i cant close my wardrobe right now!

  9. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    Same here! It's just a girl problem! I took 2 suitcases and had like 5 in the end LOL Florida is sooo bad for a shopaholic like me ::) And DON'T go to NYC! Even worse LOL

  10. Lizzie

    Lizzie New Member

    julia, u're scaring a long as i dont get a shopping visa while im down there....i'll be fine....otherwise i'll be screwed!
  11. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    LOL@Lizzie! Me too! Well my grandparents decided to give me some money, actually a lot, while I was in Florida....FATAL mistake!

  12. Kristi

    Kristi New Member

    Oh gosh... I packed sooo much stuff when I went. One tip of advice for you is to bring some sweaters and cold weather clothes - not many - but at least a couple of items! I arrived there in January 2001, and it was sooo cold! There are about a solid month and a half to two months of cold - so be sure to be prepared - otherwise you'll find yourself having to buy stuff... Which isn't so much of a bad thing!

    When I left Disney, I had to mail home 2 HUGE boxes, as well as have my mom, her friend, and friends daughter all fly down to help me move back - with 10 empty suitcases! I over-shopped, but it was worth it!
  13. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    As much crazy tacky country stuff as you can find. Especially for Canadians to wear to throw-ins and outs! Or to give to your roommates as little souvenirs. And I second the warm clothes bit...I even had mittens!!! And wore it all.

  14. Lizzie

    Lizzie New Member

    MITTENS..u dotn need mittens in florida!!!! frick!
  15. gismo1554

    gismo1554 New Member

    OK definately bring a flag because I was the only person without one.

    One of the girls I was with forgot smart shoes - which you will neeed for traditions and unless you are planning on buying them in walmart (where there isn't much choice) you don't have much time to go anywhere to buy any before then, oh and a travel plug adapter!
  16. Lizzie

    Lizzie New Member

    what are smart shoes!
  17. gismo1554

    gismo1554 New Member

    The type of shoes you can wear with a suite - if this makes sense. Dressy shoes with closed toes as you aren't meant to show them off for some reason
  18. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    I wore my mittens and my scarf the night my roomies and I went to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas was FREEZING and I have pics to prove it!!!

  19. Dannii

    Dannii New Member

    i know what u are talking about, shan. I even bought cloves at the adidas outlet store because it was so cold and brought my snowboard sweater with me from germany. especially when you work outside the whole day u need winterclothes. but the worst thing is definatly when u call your family and they don't believe you. :(
  20. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    My family had to believe it because my parents came for a visit in december. Haha They were pissed! I thought we were the only ones having to experience a really cold winter ( they told us it hadn't been that cold in 19 years ), but it seems like it always gets a little chilly down there in the winter time. At least winter in Florida is only gonna last for a month! I bought so many flleece jackets in the norwegian pavillion and then more at the Outlet.

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