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Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by 2005CP, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. 2005CP

    2005CP New Member

    Can you? I was recently told no, but someone i know has just been to visit and they said they heard a rumour that you are now being allowed to repeat the programme, any ideas?
  2. KingDavid

    KingDavid New Member

    They said at the Feb'10 Interviews you could, although there was no guarantee you'd automatically be accepted just because you'd participated before.
    THey also said there was no way to extend your visa pas the CRP end date so you couldn't re-apply then just stay out there.
  3. Tino_Bambino

    Tino_Bambino Member

    hm sounds interesting. I did merch and loved it. wud be curious to try FnB but im happy ill be starting the cruiseships for now.

  4. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    As soon as applications open, I'm applying! I've applied to DCL and ABD, but I want this just in case I don't get the others! I'd love to go back to the Rose and Crown...I miss everyone, and the managers, and my assigner board!
  5. linsey

    linsey New Member

    the server I had in the Rose and Crown said they'd heard about possible repeats and had a repeater out there currently.

    When I was out in 07/08 there was a repeater there too.

    I go back and forth over whether I want to go back out but I think I do :) It just comes down to those pesky finances!

    I even miss the assignor board, even if it has changed!
  6. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    yes, you are now allowed to do the CRP for a second time.

    This has been CONFIRMED by Yummy Jobs to many people, myself included.

    you can reapply for a second program but you have to have been out of the USA for a full year before you will be allowed to go back on the program, you cant apply during your current CRP program and have to have been finished for 6 months before you reapply.

    Yummy Jobs have said that having done the program once will have no bearing on a second application (in other words,just because you got in once doesnt mean you will automatically get in a second time) and you apply and go through the whole process as normal with all the other 1st time applicants.

    They will be checking re-hire status with Disney for any re-applicants so therefore those who were terminated may have some issues trying to get on the program again.......
  7. HOWEVER.. you're not allowed to reapply for the same option again, EG if you did merch 1st time around you must apply for F&B (or attractions if your country has one!) and vice versa. Personally I'd love to see a lot of ex servers living on merch wages for a year!
  8. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    where did you hear that??
  9. when i phoned yummy jobs a few weeks back thats what she told me.
  10. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    Below are the requirements that yummy jobs emailed me for those who want to repeat the CRP. it doesnt mention anything about not working in the same position as you worked the first time around,and if that was one of the requirements then im pretty sure they would have included it in here....

    Dont know why your getting all Mickey!y about ex servers - it was your own choice to take a job in merch, its not our fault that you guys didnt make any money, you should have applied for F&B! :p

    "General Guidelines:

    Former Cultural Representatives can apply for a second program and return for an additional CRP experience.

    Participants are allowed to participate in no more than two (2) Cultural Representative Programs.

    Candidates must reside and been physically present outside of the United States for the immediate prior year between programs.

    Former participants must follow Disney International Recruitment’s established hiring process in their country which could include being prescreened by a hiring representative.

    There is no guarantee that a former participant would be selected for a pre-screen or Disney interview. All candidates will be evaluated on a consistent set of criteria and the strongest candidates will be invited to interview.

    All former participants of the Cultural Representative Program, regardless of their employment with WDW or an Operating Participant, follow these same guidelines.

    Participants of other Disney International Programs (i.e. ICP-Summer Work Travel, J1 Academic) are also permitted to participate in two Cultural Representative Programs. Candidates must fulfill any required home residency requirements outlined by the US Department of State in accordance with the J-1 visa regulations.

    Application Process:

    Candidates interested in returning on the CRP program should ensure that they understand and meet the above guidelines.

    After candidates have been home for six months following their first program, they are eligible to apply for a second experience by following our standard process which may include contacting a hiring representative in their home country. Additional information on the application process can be found on our website at

    Current participants are not eligible to apply for a second program while in the United States and still actively completing their first program"

    persnally i wont be going back if they wont let me go back into food & bev, id hate to work in merch, not just from a financial point of view but it looked so boring.......
  11. I wasnt getting all bitchy, I loved my year out there and i'd actually prefer to do merchandise again, I just think it would be funny to see a few of the less nice people that i met out there who forgot what it was like to be on $120 per week try to survive on it.
    Also i'm sorry if yummy didnt include that in their email but thats what they told me, so please dont shoot the mesenger!!
  12. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    unless i hear it officially from yummy jobs then im not taking it as gospel - i dunno why that would be a requirement, seeing as every other pavilion has returning cast members and they can all go back and work in the same area as before.....

    Ive sent my application in anyway so will see what happens

    have you re-applied?
  13. no. once they told me that i decided not too.
    I loved chatting with guests and other cast and not really actually having to do any work all day, and making "magic" and random tasking ment easy as...! plus having 3 days off a week was fab.
    Also it would mean giving up my life here for a whole 12 months and i dont think my publisher or agent would approve!
    I'd kill for just a couple of months in merch over the autumn tho, I was going to apply and then just go home after a few months but I guess I shall just have to make do with a few random visits.
  14. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    if they say that im not allowed to go back into F&B then il be withdrawing my application,i enjoyed F&B too much and i just dont think id enjoy merch at all. and from a financial point of view i couldnt afford to be there on a merch wage, got the credit cards and overdrafts to pay off!!!!!

    will wait and see.....
  15. 2005CP

    2005CP New Member

    thats wrong(and a little chose merch after all, no one had a gun to your head forcing you to work in a shop), as yummy jobs only a few days ago,told me its not the case-you can re apply for whatever you want
  16. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    :) thank you for clearing that up 2005CP, much appreciated! :)
  17. Well thats not what they told me, and like ive already stated in previous replies I enjoyed merch, i would only reapply if i could do merch again. Maybe you should read an entire thread before coming out with such replies!
  18. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    great you enjoyed merch, wonderful. so stop whinging on about wanting servers to go into merch etc.

    at the end of the day you took a job in merch and had to deal with poor wages, we on the other hand took jobs in F&B and enjoyed a different type of work environment and worked our asses off to earn decent tips, you cant blame anyone from F&B for enjoying the financial perks, we earned that money fair and square, you didnt work in F&B and therefore have no idea what its like to do that particular job, the money we got in tips was fair payment for the bloody hard work we did. end of.
  19. this was not intended to offend and if you did work hard then yes you do deserve financial compensation to which i have never argued with. I'm not naming names (mainly as I belive I was there a few years before you two) but their were several servers in my time that did look down their nose's at merchies and hrc peeps when we couldnt afford to join in certain things and especially when there were weeks we couldnt afford the $ to even attend lads, and please dont say that merchies dont work hard! if you ever had to sit at that kidcot for 12 hours a day you'd know pain!

    At the end of the day tho, all I was saying is exactly what yummy jobs told me when I called them a couple of weeks back. If its wrong, then they need to sort their employees out and get their facts right.
  20. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    we were all there at the same time..... 2007 - 2008........

    i dunno why someone from YJ told you that but its not been mentioned to any of the rest of us, and we have all been in regular contact with them regarding reapplying, as far as im concerned its not an issue and unless they tell me otherwise my application is with a view to going back into F&B.

    not sure who you are referring to when you mention people looking down at you - i dont think thats got anything to do with being in merch tho, maybe your being a little over sensitive!

    not going to argue about merch VS F&B anymore tho, different people enjoy different things and some are more suitable for one than the other, but it just bugs me when people from merch used to get all bit*hy when us servers would be chatting about tips or trips away etc - as if we were doing something wrong by daring to enjoy the money that we worked so hard to earn.

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