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Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by Jessica Rabbit, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. Jessica Rabbit

    Jessica Rabbit New Member


    I was just wondering what lasses nicknames u all had and what the reason for that name was?
    My shirt said GOSSIP which just about says it all but other people had cleaver nicknames that only we knew the reason for.

    Jess ;)
  2. charlie

    charlie Guest

    hey jess,

    mine was 'madame whiplash' it all happened on a very drunken, night with two UK lads (namely rab and john) and a bottle of vodka with no mixers..... we were downing it raw, when the lads dared me to phone random numbers in the commons and vista and pretend to be madame whiplash... and i am sure u can guess the rest.. it has us rolling about laughing and highly enterained into the small hours of the morning... one of the best nights craic i have had... lol...
  3. Gareth

    Gareth New Member

    Uk lasses????? UK lads???????

    what a great idea!!!!!! shame it didnt come about when i was there!!!

    Fair play to you all

  4. Dolly

    Dolly New Member

    Hey Jess,

    My lasses name happened to be Dolly! No great suprise to anyone who knew me! (surname related!)
    I nearly ended up with a truley disasterous lasses name yet, managed to pursuade the girls in charge otherwise! Although, my liver did pay for the change in my lasses name but, trust me it was well worth it!!

  5. Diana

    Diana New Member

    Hey Jess,

    You must have worked with my old roomie.. Debbie T... do u remember her nick name?? I can't think of it! It's driving me nuts trying to remember!!

  6. Jessica Rabbit

    Jessica Rabbit New Member

    Diana - Debbies nickname was Bambi coz she used to fall over all the time. Do u remember me? I used to hang around with Ross (Jonathens roommate).We were at the airport with you saying goodbye to Debbie?

    Dolly - What did u nearly end up with then ??? I'm sure it wasn't the worsed one yet, we had someone with the name free ride and someone with the name dick!!!

    Charlie - I can so picture u being dared to make phone calls by Rab and Jon lol. I'm sure if I hadn't already of had a lasses shirt b4 Keelas birthday party I would have ended up with a nickname like SHOT or FLASH!!!  ;)
    ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  7. Diana

    Diana New Member

    Jess... Yup, I remember you! I tried so hard at the airport not to cry when she left. You really get attached to people. I only lived with her for 5 months, but it felt a lot longer. I haven't heard from her in a while. Have you talked to her? I miss her :( I arrived with Mark V. He and Ross are working together. Mark came over here in April for a visit. He said a bunch of UK alumni are going to Orlando this month sometime. Are you going too?? I'm hoping to go back down in November with 2 other Canadians. It's kinda funny... Jonathan lives 45 minutes from here, and I have yet to see him. The last time I saw him, he was leaving the Club House. Bambi sounds about right for Debbie. She was quite interesting in her drunk periods. I remember being sat on quite a bit in the middle of the night and her walking into the door instead of opening it. Aw, I miss my Debbie T. Have you heard from Susan? She and Debbie were glued to eachother.

  8. Jessica Rabbit

    Jessica Rabbit New Member

    Hey Diana,

    I am not in contact with Debbie or Susan as I never really hung out with them that much but I heard Susan works on some cruise ship now. Mark said he went out to visit u, I see a lot of him now. It was just me him and Ross that went to Orlando in the end, must have been about a month ago.
  9. Diana

    Diana New Member


    I didn't really talk to Susan too much. She was just always there... sometimes with a top on... sometimes with out one... How was Orlando?? I'm dying to get back. I hope I go in November.

  10. soleil plage

    soleil plage Guest

    Is the Ross you're talking about the one that used to work in UK merch?
  11. Jessica Rabbit

    Jessica Rabbit New Member

    No the one we r talking about was food and bev. He arrived with me on September 25th 2002 and left in November 2003, we were best mates.
    He's the guy in my picture with me and Minnie.
  12. soleil plage

    soleil plage Guest

    ah - like ships that pass in the night!
    I think my last working day was the 29th September 2002  so we just crossed over with contracts.

    its 4 years to this very day that I left to go work in the UK pavilion... :'( .. too fast...way too fast...
  13. Minnie-Jay 5

    Minnie-Jay 5 New Member

    heya jess! i finally got sorted and came on here again... My nickname oddly enough was Minnie-jay and i had 5 as my number!
    see ya soon!
  14. Aimee

    Aimee New Member

    Hey Jess! Not sure if you will see this reply but I thought I would check out the website, haven't been on here for ages and had to re-register so all my old posts have gone, gutted!!!!

    I was "Scrumpy" as I am sure you remember!!!! Still love my cider!!!

    Aimee x
  15. gismo1554

    gismo1554 New Member

    Hi all

    My name was SPAT 53. Can't remember the 53 reason now (I know there was one) but the SPAT was because for the first few weeks (it felt like forever) I had a name badge that said Pat because I lost mine (clever or what loosing it on the first two days of work). It always made the assigners start saying Sarah and then having to go in to Pat so I turned in to Spat. Really wish I could remember the 53 now because I know I choose that number for a reason.
  16. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    I was 'Miss Jones 13'....the number had no relevance but I like to think of it as good luck! :) and Miss Jones after Bridget as many people thought I was a lot like her....and it's true!! haha!! I'm glad I didn't get anything horrific or embarrasing! x
  17. DisneyMichelle

    DisneyMichelle Active Member


    I was Scooby 88. Like Ellen, the number realy had no relevance - at least I don think it did!!! - and the Scooby was because apparently when I would walk into the kitchen I always looked really scared and I had irrational fears of totally stupid things - like tomatoes and 'Its A Small World'!!

    There was some pretty amazing ones while I was out there - my personal favourite being Katie Anne's 'International Gateway'!!! I liked Mel's 'Anna-Nicole' too, very appropriate!!!
  18. gismo1554

    gismo1554 New Member

    OK not going to ask why!! It's a small world is a new one on me!
  19. DisneyMichelle

    DisneyMichelle Active Member

    What can I say - that ride just freaks me out!!!

    Its just so scary!!! Its the little mechanical children - theres just something really sinister about them!! I did ride the ride a couple of times while out there, firstly cos I forgot it freaked me out so much and secondly cos i was practically dragged onto the ride by a so-called 'friend' who knew i was freaked out by it!!! How mean is that!?!?
  20. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    Not at all...everyone needs a bit of Small World now and then!! ;) I made Chris go on it for the first time ever and his face was a picture! :D

    x x x

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