URGENT! argh random tax form package has landed on door step!

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by *Laura*, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. shannybanany

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    Get the papers and try it. You may actually get some cash back. The US gov't is dumb enough to give you some!!! You never know.

  2. Gem

    Gem New Member

    You guys all seem to hav got your money back so wondering if you could help me? Ive got my W2 and i tried to get onto the BUNAC website to see how to get my money back and i carnt get onto it so can you guys tell me how i get my tax back? Me and my friends have tried everything i even sent an email to the IRS and i got reply?

  3. adjonline

    adjonline New Member

    Hi Gem,

    You need to download the following form from the IRS:


    And the instructions for completion:


    You send the completed form and the W2 (and, BUNAC recommend, a photocopy of your visa) to the IRS. The deadline is April 17th!

    A lot of the options on the form aren't applicable (i.e. = $0)...you should end up with (at least if I've done it correctly) box 22 equalling the amount of tax deducted, and this will be paid back.

  4. Ona

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    You could be lazy like me, and have someone do it for you. :D

    I used Liberty Tax Services in Kissimmee. Quite a few alumni have used them over the past couple of years and I too, highly reccommend them. They charge $45.

    Contact them at libertykissimmee@msn.com.

    Ona x
  5. Dannii

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  6. adjonline

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    Depends how much they owe you...

    $45 out of my $180 seemed a little too much :p
  7. Gem

    Gem New Member

    wot happens if it doesnt get in before April 17th :-\

  8. Ona

    Ona Member

    You can't file after that date. As far as I'm aware, basically you'd get nothing. Anyone have any more info. :-\

    Ona x
  9. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    You still have to file REGARDLESS of when you do it. If you do it late, they may take some of what they owe you off, or if you owe them, then you have to pay a penalty. Print out the papers and the instructions and take a really good look at it (make sure you are using the papers for the non-resident aliens). It is really NOT THAT HARD to figure out. You don't have that many numbers to put in. It maybe takes an hour...MAX. I did mine both years and always do mine here in Canada. You should be able to figure it out and save the money, and most of the time, at least here in Canada, if you screw stuff up, they fix it.


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