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  1. orlando0

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    Hi There, I start my icp soon and I was just wondering if anyone could recommend some good vegetarian places to eat which will be cheap and easy to walk to.

    Also Is there a staff canteen area where I will be able to buy healthy and cheap options while working, as i am a really bad cook.

  2. smagfx

    smagfx New Member

    At all the parks there are cast member cafeteria services (which includes SUBWAY) that serve up all sorts of foods so there'll will be veggy options on hand before you start your shift. They're reasonably priced for what you get but if you truly want to save money and time, then bring your own lunch to work.

    As far as places near to eat near housing, there is Applebee's, Longhorn, Panera Bread, McDonalds, Outback, Wendy's amongst others. Most places in America will have a vegetarian option on the menu, it's just a case of preference =]
  3. roxy84

    roxy84 New Member

    My two favourites were Panera's Bread and Sweet Tomatoes. Sweet Tomatoes was pretty cheap too (all you can eat buffet with great fresh food). Both are in the area but depending on the complex you live in will determine if they are walkable. (Panera's is 10 minutes from Commons, Sweet Tomatoes would be 15-20 minutes walk from Vista).
  4. orlando0

    orlando0 New Member

    Thank you both for answering. I didnt realise there was a staff canteen, that will come in handy. Also I will look forward to finding sweet tomatoes, hope I am staying within walking distance.
    Thanks Again.
  5. CamKrist

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    Similar subject was being discussed at yahoo answers last week. I can post the link if needed.

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