Want to do the whole ting again

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by paalerik, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. paalerik

    paalerik New Member

    Am i the only one that got this feeling? Did the prog from sept 03 until sept 04. A year later, and now i want to do it all over again. Is my head fucked up or is it normal?

    Is it possible to do it again?

    best regards

    PÃ¥l Erik Vangstein.
  2. flavour

    flavour New Member

    i know exactly what you mean! i had that feeling shortly after i came back and then again last year after me and a friend went to the interview just for fun...after i saw the presentation i so wanted to go back! but then again i know it wouldn't be the same at all! you would alays compare it to your first year there, the whole experience wouldn't be the same! but with the same people i would love to do it all over again!!

    later! flavour xoxo
  3. Celephaïs

    Celephaïs New Member

    halla pål erik.... regner med du er norsk :p

    jeg har ennå ikke vert der borte, drar over nyttår... men har hørt om folk som har gjort det to ganger.. så er en mulighet... er jo så få nordmenn som søker.. så dem er vel fornøyd bare dem får nok folk...
  4. reav

    reav New Member

    Det går ann å søke på stilling som Guest Relation. Har en kompis fra Tyskland som dro tilbake for ikke så lenge siden..han får bo på commons å får vell rundt en $8 timen tror jeg..
  5. paalerik

    paalerik New Member

    hmm.Vurderer det sterk. Skal høre med Chris,Sam og Ruben i november. Skal over på ferie da. Hvor lenge skal vedkommende jobbe på Guest Relations? Har engentlig lyst til å jobbe i food igjen;)
  6. Punky B

    Punky B New Member

    I sure do wish I could go back and it all be the same!!! I met my very greatest friends there, and I now think back and there is so much I wouldve done that I didn't!!!!

  7. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    I am Punky B's very greatest friend that she met there. Just wanted to declare.

  8. MyLittlePony

    MyLittlePony New Member

    OK, maybe I'm the one most fit to answer this question: I was lucky and went back 2 years later. But the problem isn't that stuff changes, the problem is that everything stays the same. I know, you might not see the logic in this, but for me, at least I got the feeling of being 19 again and not having moved forward for 3 years. So I went home after 1,5 months.
    Even though it might be paradise for you (it was for me), you should be aware that things will be exactly the same as they were. Even the people (i.e. your fellow CMs), there are always the same characters present.
  9. Lilly

    Lilly New Member

    I feel the same!! Wanna do it again soooo bad!!
    but I´ve heard it´s not possible to do the`´´Cultural Representative Program`` again-is that true?!
    What about guest relations then? Does anyone know where to apply for that(I´m German by the way;-) )
    or is there any other possibility? a summer job or anything??
  10. Gareth

    Gareth New Member

    i went back and visited friends that were still in the program after 4 months of leaving, and to be honest i found it very strange, the place was the same and the people (as said before) were the same, but they were not my people, some were and thats why i went back, but there were characters that fitted the bill for people when i was there, that just werent them, if you get what i mean.
    i always have this feeling that i would love to go back and do the program again, but to be honest i think that it would be such a big let down. with age you would be looking for something new and all you would get is the same old.
    what i wanted from life is very different to what i want from life now, as in everything, from friends through to work conditions, and i just dont think that could be fufilled.
    i hope that i am wrong, but i who knows.
    after some time away, i would much prefer to look into the experience of going to canada for a year or germany for a year or norway etc (every nation included) and experience the real thing.
    in my line of work i know alot of reps and people who have worked in many places and the all come to the same conclusion...... its about culture change
    go for the tour operator jobs like reps etc,
    the experience will be new and ultimately the same feeling as you had on the experience....even if you sort it through a mate, it will be the case of the new guy on the block for so long and then the guy to pass on the experience before you leave

  11. yuta76

    yuta76 New Member

    to Lilly:
    It is actually possible to do the international program twice, as far as I know you can either do merch or f+b again or go to guest relations (but especially in guest relations there are not many job openings). Just ask the people at international services in france (ask for noellie), they can answer your questions.
  12. Lilly

    Lilly New Member

    thanks for the news, yuta!!
    actually I´d love to work there just for the summer, so I can continue studying...
    I think I´ll just ask noellie, good idea!! Lilly
  13. Charlene

    Charlene Guest


    I'm applying to go in March. This will be my second time. I was F&B Canada in 2001-2002.

  14. tarah

    tarah New Member

    Hey Paul Erik!

    I'm totally with you on wanting to be back down there, as I was there the same time you were! Although, it would definitely be different as our old friends wouldnt be there with us... I'm not re-applying right now, but the idea is on the back burner in my mind.

    Charlene were you in F&B or merch? Good luck with your application!

  15. Charlene

    Charlene Guest

    Hey Tara,

    yeh... F&B.... said so in my last reply ;)

  16. Robb

    Robb New Member

    Hey Charlene

    Can we who did F&B go back and do merch?


  17. Charlene

    Charlene Guest

    I dunno Rob....

    What have you been doing back home?

    Have you done anything work in retail merchandise?

    I've been working in a Greek restuarant for 2 years... so I'm more than qualified to do F&B again.

    Charlene Canada F&B Alumni 2001-2002
  18. Charlene

    Charlene Guest

    NO -- BLOODY--- WAY!!!!!

    ROBERT CAMPBELL!!! :eek:

    Do you remember me??? ;)

    I definately remember you! Damn... it's been almost 4 years!!!!

    I'm about 5'6"... long wavy dark hair.. I wore grey contact lenses... I liked to wear a pair of Monarch butterfly wings. I'm from Toronto and at the time I was 29.

    You're tall... muscular... hot-as-hell... you had a shaved head... and an arm-band tattoo with a gecko design. I remember you had a girlfriend from the UK. And we all went on a day trip to Coco Beach one day. We went with Jesse Robertson, your girl, his girl, Isabelle, and another girl, Sandra. And we also went to the Chartity Challenge. :D

    I also ... I'm so grateful... remember you helped me home from JellyRolls one night when I was particularly drunk out of my mind.

    Damn.... Gawd Damn.... Robert Campbell... you were one of my favourite castmembers... next to Jesse.
    Have you heard a thing from or about Jesse??

    Great to find you!!! :-*

    Charlene Canada F&B Alumni 2001-2002
  19. Robb

    Robb New Member

    Hey Charlene,

    Of course I remember you. You were one of the front of house crew - me assigning, jessie greeting and you helping seat - those times were so much better than serving!! And our trip to cocoa beach was one of the best day trips! Glad to hear from you!!

    Let me know of any updates with applying again!

  20. Charlene

    Charlene Guest


    Nah... I haven't heard anything much about going back.

    I contacted Cast-A-Way back in October 2005... I had just missed an interview session.
    Eric at Cast-A-Way tipped me off that there was going to be another interview session in Toronto in March... I'm going to drop him another line next month and find out exactly when and where.

    I can't explain it... it's like an itch. I just want to go back and live that Disney Castmember lifestyle again one more time. ;D I can hardly come to terms with the fact that I'll be 33 next month! :eek:

    I'm very confident that I will be accepted for another contract... it's just a matter of when.

    I wanted to ask you something, Rob. How was serving? I had no desire whatsoever to Assign or Serve during my first contract. I had seen castmembers breakdown in tears (girls and guys). I don't think I've got the emotional strength to handle... as Felix (remember him?) but it, the "blah, blah, blah-blah-blah... BLAH!!!" you have to put up with the guests. I would LOVE the tips... but not the crap that goes with it.... was it as bad as it seemed?

    By the way... how are you doing? What are you up to? Have you heard of or from Jesse?

    Damn... I have great memories of working with you! You were such an easy-going and just plain NICE person! I think it would be a BLAST if we ended up working together again. :)

    Charlene Canada F&B Alumni 2001-2002

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