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Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by emma, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. TraceyBrown

    TraceyBrown New Member

    I'm so making it a promise to myself that I will lose weight while I'm there.
    Anyone on that boat?
    Maybe we can start a jogging group?
    How does it feel to jog in hot weather?
    I have trouble jogging here because the cold air gets in my lungs.
  2. Tiddelypom

    Tiddelypom New Member

    Yep definately catching that boat. I also have promised myself that I'm going to lose weight before Disney. Not tooo much just in case I lose weight loads whilst I'm there (yeh right, I can't lose weight without thinking about it. Ever!)

    I can't jog here in UK yet either the air is awful - really hurts yoiur lungs.
  3. SteffieDavis

    SteffieDavis New Member

    ya, the heat and humidity of florida will probably not be much better...
  4. TinkTingeling

    TinkTingeling New Member

    Go to the gym and exercise indoors! If you want to do it outdoors, you would be better off doing it in the evening after the sun has set. But still, it's unbelievable hot in the summer months, even in the evenings!
  5. Tiddelypom

    Tiddelypom New Member

    I love Florida evenings! And the fresh fresh mornings! Yummyyyyyyy! Eee I can't wait!

    Some nasty person stole my umbrella that was a present from my granny so I'm very sad thinking about rain right now. If you see someone with a black umbrella with light pink, blue and white arcs on it... tell them that they made me very sad.

  6. BeautifulBelle

    BeautifulBelle New Member

    I'm surprised to hear that you put on weight while you're there, or some people have done, I assumed you would at least stay at your weight and if not then loose a few pounds! Because you're on your feet all day, running around like a looney right?
  7. xXxhayleybabyxXx

    xXxhayleybabyxXx New Member

    im startin my diet tomora, its the ''im starvin myself untill i lose 2stone'' plan lol. if i go to florida the size i am now i dnt even wanna imagine wat am gonna look like wen iv been over there a couple months, i mean i aint huge now but dnt wanna be walkin around the pool wiv a beer belly n huge ass lol x
  8. TinkTingeling

    TinkTingeling New Member

    Not everyone gains weight there... You don't sit still very much as there's always something to do! I myself have no idea what my weight was while I was there, but I don't think I gained anything...
  9. TraceyBrown

    TraceyBrown New Member

    I'm trying to exercise at least everyday for ~an hour.
    I've got Dance Dance Revolution which is clearly the funnest way to exercise. I also have a bike in my house.

    So all I need to start doing on top of this is something for my lovely love handles/belly and I'll be good.

    I'm thinking "I've got 6 months so I'll try my best to lose some weight to give me the comfort of wearing a bathing suit/summer clothes for a year"
  10. Elle

    Elle New Member

    I'm very skinny and boney on top, but would like to tone up my bottom half ready for the pool! Six months should be plenty to get my ass moving and smaller!
    I hope not to gain too much weight, I'm going to make a conscious decision to eat healthily and not go too OTT on the junk food. Of course that may change after a hard days work and the need for fried chicken arises!
    But I don't really drink so i'm hoping that'll be my saving grace!
  11. *tinkerbell*08/09

    *tinkerbell*08/09 New Member

    I've the love handles prob... I gain weight just by looking at sweets but I can't resist them, and it seems like we'll eat a lot of them and fast food... so, once i be at disney i'll need someone to do some exercise with me because i know me, alone i won't move my ass. it's easter and with all the chocolate it's very hard :'( lol i don't know how, but sweets just jumb to my hands by themselves :-/ then i feel so bad... i'm scared this will happen down there, i won't return after 5months with over weight :-/
  12. Tinkerbe11ing

    Tinkerbe11ing New Member

    mm mm I miss all the yummy junk food in the States!!! :D ...I actually ended up loosing 10 pounds while staying in Orlando, even though I ate a lot and didn't work out...

    When it comes to training while being in Disney, I am not gonna lie, it can be extremely hard to keep it up, as you can be working long days and feel exhausted afterwards, and there is always something else going on that seems much more fun than to work out - and if you finally get a minute to rest, your last thought is to go and work out!

    I've played soccer since I was 6, and since junior high, I've pretty much trained everyday till I arrived in Disney. My mindset beforehand was to train everyday there as well, but that lasted for a week, hahahaha Tho I was lucky that found a co-ed soccer team off property, so I got to play soccer every Sunday :)

    ...but you can always do some "hidden work outs", like walking around in the parks, or walk down to Publix and Wallgreens (instead of taking the bus), or even walk down to Downtown Disney, go dancing at Pleasure Island... :) ...and the gym at Vista Way is waaaaay better than the one at the Commons!
  13. Celephaïs

    Celephaïs New Member

    spend your money on shoes or something before you have the chance to spend it on sweets... :p if that'll help.
    I only worked out a couple of times while I lived at the Commons, and ate junk food every now and then, and actually ended up losing about 30 pounds during my time there.
    All I did to keep slim was to eat less and smarter. There is a whole lot of food which is excellent eatin', and at the same time good for you.
  14. angeljenn3

    angeljenn3 New Member

    Hahaha... I like your theory! It will be hard not to spend *too* much money on clothes/shoes living near an outlet mall!
  15. Tinkerbe11ing

    Tinkerbe11ing New Member

    hehe, but then again, there are "millions" of yummy restaurants around, both and and off property, so it's hard to not to eat out all the time!

    Don't do like me on my lazy days... I'd take the bus to Vista right after work, to get food at Wendy's :p hehe

    But something you have to treat yourself, is Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney!!! That's a must everytime you go to the movies, trust me! ;) ...but stay away from the nasty fat you can add to your popcorn (you'll know what I am talking about when you get to the Movies, and you'll prolly think "yuck"!!!)

    ...oh, and then there is the "Food and Wine Festival" in Epcot ...mm mm, you'll definately have to save up some "room" for that as well ;)

    And in MGM (Hollywood Studios), there is this little Bakery which sells the best Cinnabuns - and u even get discounts on them :D

    ...hmm...g'luck with not trying to eat so much while you're there, haha, cuz there is yummy food all over the place!!! ...aww, how I miss it!!!

    You know what; Just eat and enjoy all the goodies - that's what I did, and I lost 10 pounds... Just walk around in the parks on your days off, that's what I did ;)
  16. TinkTingeling

    TinkTingeling New Member

    Oh yes! There's so much good food there! The cinnamonrolls in the norwegian bakery, the french bakery has a delicious chocolatecake as do the bakery in Main Street in MK! And then there's Friday's, Perkins, Bennigans... well, the list is endless :p
  17. *tinkerbell*08/09

    *tinkerbell*08/09 New Member

    ok ok! loool i'll definatly stop eating today! ;) i'll eat the cake that's infront of me and then I'll start a diet hehe
  18. Tinkerbe11ing

    Tinkerbe11ing New Member

    hahahaha - you'll be fine ;)
  19. TinkTingeling

    TinkTingeling New Member

    You can't be on i diet when you're in Disney! That would be such a crime! The diet can wait until after :p But usually there's so much to do, so you'll be very active.
  20. Celephaïs

    Celephaïs New Member

    Screw a diet. When you're in the land of obesity, join in. Have some fun ;)

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