weight gain!

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by emma, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. TraceyBrown

    TraceyBrown New Member

    True enough.
    Though I call Florida "Gods Waiting Room" because of all the old folks the retire there.
    But there are certainly a whole lot of obese people as well.
  2. TinkTingeling

    TinkTingeling New Member

    Yeah, but it's mostly the tourists there that are obese... Haven't seen so many florida people that are.
  3. leomgray

    leomgray New Member

    The first time i went to Florida i lost weight and that was with eating a lot of junk food. But i love some of the food over there. Thats one thing i would be frightened of, to gain a lot of weight staying in america for so long.
  4. TraceyBrown

    TraceyBrown New Member

    So my Pre-Disney Diet has been fairly successful!
    I've lost 10 pounds AAANNNDDD I bought my first ever two piece bathing suit today.
    I bought TWO of them.
  5. SteffieDavis

    SteffieDavis New Member

    Congrats Tracey!
  6. *tinkerbell*08/09

    *tinkerbell*08/09 New Member

    yeah, congats Tracey! I've just lost 2 pounds in 2 weeks :( and I'll have a wedding next week, I bought my dress 5 months ago, in this 5 months I gain 10 pounds :-S and it is raining all the time so I'm also eating all the time lol and the fitness centers are soooo expensive. Tracey, what did u do too loose 10POUNDS?!?! ;-)
  7. TraceyBrown

    TraceyBrown New Member

    My parents and I decided to start eating well.
    They joined LA weight loss and I followed suit.

  8. Tiffany

    Tiffany New Member

    that is so great, i wish i would loose weight before disney...
    so i can go with you into the swimming pool, now it would be embarissing with my belly :/
  9. simmyd23

    simmyd23 New Member

    Ive started my pre-disney diet as well!

    Last time i lost some weight before i went and then i lost a bit more over there but then when i came home i put it all back on.
    So i started doing the cambridge diet which is a very low cal diet. 4 shakes a day, 2-4 litres of water, and no food.
    I hate not having the taste and sensation of eating but so far i've lost 8lbs since friday.
    Gotta be careful though when i do start eating again that i eat properly so i dont put it all back on.
  10. TinkTingeling

    TinkTingeling New Member

    I don't need to loose weight, but I could do with tightening up my abs...
  11. I am hoping to get fit when I am over there as I don't have that much of an opportunity here but I will be walking so much there which should help. I am also hoping that I won't be eating quite as much over there as it will be so hot and I can't eat that much when I am really hot.
  12. *tinkerbell*08/09

    *tinkerbell*08/09 New Member

    it's not good to stop eating, because after our diet we'll gain much more weight than before.
    I've joined a gym yesterday and I'm trying to go there every day hehe it won't be easy. everything hurts lol I can't move now!!!
    so, we could try to meet there and do some exercise all together, like swimming, gym and go for walking. together it would be easier!?!
    and yes, I agree, if it is hot there I can't eat that much too. but I'll be working in QSF&B so the first month will be hard for me, because I will have to taste (?) everything ;-)
  13. ElisaTonks

    ElisaTonks New Member

    i lost weight whilst on my program i went out three dress sizes bigger than i am now!!! and that was just in six months, however i did work fantasmic/ parade/ hsm so had to walk around Hollywood studios alot.
  14. Tiddelypom

    Tiddelypom New Member

    I have lost 9lb so far! Yay!

    Aiming to lose another 4-6lb before I leave - in 19 days!

    It's great to hear how people have been inspired to lose weight for this! My parents are coming out for 3 weeks whilst I'm there and my dad has now lost half a stone and is well on his way to being near his recommended weight when they come out - I'm so proud of him!

    Looking forward to this phenomenon of losing weight whilst I'm there too! I*fingers crossed*
  15. TraceyBrown

    TraceyBrown New Member

    I'm excited too.
    I have tried to accept the fact that no matter what shape/size you are EVERYONE wears two piece bathing suits. I just need to be confident in my body enough to be comfortable doing that.

    It also helps that my belly is a beautiful colour. I'm turning into a bronze goddess.
    AKA sleeping in a solarium before I leave.
  16. Celephaïs

    Celephaïs New Member

    Another great way to lose wait over there, is to just stand outside, preferably in the sun.. the kilo's will just melt off... literally... it's so damn hot..(it's winderful :))
  17. angeljenn3

    angeljenn3 New Member

    Ha ha. Well, you definitely have that one up on me. I'm pastey white and the only way that's going to change is with tan in a can (well... in a moisturizer). I've already bought both face and body self tanning lotion so I can still slather on the sunscreen (I burn REALLY easily and then go back to white) and still look tanned!
  18. Tiddelypom

    Tiddelypom New Member

    Arrrgh me too I am so pasty!
    2lbs off my pre-Disney target weight and 9lbs off my overall target!!

  19. Well done tiddlypom. Yeh I am a nice pasty colour as well and got burnt when out in the garden today as well so I have a nice contrast of white and red - always a good look.
  20. simmyd23

    simmyd23 New Member

    I got weighed on friday and have lost 19lbs in two weeks. So if i lose another 9lbs in the next 2 weeks then thats 2 stone in a month.

    Im loving it haha. Except not loving the whole not eating thing.

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