What was the most stupid thing you ever did when you were drunk??

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by Commons Virgin, Oct 9, 2004.

  1. Commons Virgin

    Commons Virgin New Member

    i wanna hear all the juicy, nasty and naughty secrets.. let's go..
  2. Lonja

    Lonja New Member

    oh my god....where should i start???? ;D
  3. Commons Virgin

    Commons Virgin New Member

    i dont know but i guess we all have enough stories to choose from ::)
  4. Lonja

    Lonja New Member

    how about i tell some of your funny stories...i know enough!!!!
  5. Ze Perfect Strange

    Ze Perfect Strange New Member

    I know a story about a drunk girl and two guy, though she thought it was just one guy....and there was a tent also :D :D :D
    the problem with the drunk story is that you end up hearing stories about you and you can hardly remember it...that s the point of getting drunk actually
    ZPS :p
  6. flavour

    flavour New Member

    well, my story qualifies as stupid...but maybe there was something naughty as well that i just don't remember!
    it was a few days after x-mas and we decided to stay at home and drink ( i was still underage).well, st some point someone decided to go to p.i., so off we were. when we arrived at p.i. the girl at the entrance asked for my i.d. and i just kept on telling her that i'm not 21 yet. either she was too stupid to notice how drunk i was or she was just being nice because it was x-mas time! only the day after i realised how close i got to being terminated! but since i don't really remember anything after we entered p.i. you never know what else happened that night...
  7. Lonja

    Lonja New Member

    hey mr ZPS, you are supposed to tell something that happened to you not a random gir ;Dl!!! i bet you got some stories too!!!

    ok, this is not from the commons time but still really funny:

    its already like 6 years ago.. i was again really drunk and we were a a realy bad club we always went to cause the acohol was so cheap....
    so i was on this field with this boy, we were just kissind, dont worrie, i was 16:) so my freinds wanted to leave and my best freind wanted to call me on my cell phone, so she called and there was a man on the phone and she said..please pass me to that girl that you dragged to the field! thats when she realized that she called my homephone number and it was my dad...really embarassing..especially the part where i tried to explain him that i wasnt in the fiel...weraing really dirty shoes and pants....he just laught!!!

  8. RCP

    RCP New Member

    Hey... what a good question Ane!!! But some cientists have to agree with me, when drunkness level goes up stupidity level goes up as well bu, memory level goes dramaticaly down. I used to have my camera with me all the time, and sometimes I had to check the pics to remember where we were the last night, sometimes what funny when someone more or less drunk than u said to you about the wonderful party that u missed the last night and u had to say...sure by any chance u remember that the party was mine and was in my apartment and i took u home.. dumb! lol... Or when someone tell you the most stupidest thing that someone did the last night and u laugh and say, yeah I remember that was me...! lol So many stories to recall or part of them...lol. I used to complete the picture by asking the missing parts and the photos...lol.. The drinking around the world were a bug sources of this stories, Once I was that drunk that I fell when I went down to the bus, I tried to avoid the floor reaching the garbage can that is there but still more funny I end over it, laughing histericaly was so funny even for me, that day was a thursday of course PU was a must, but my friends who were taking care of me, put me into my bed...lol, but I scpae half hour later and yes I made it... I went to PI, I dont know who put me again in bed later that night but I promise I end in my own bed and alone... good friend that one who get me sfe at home! So whoever was that person...thanks a lot !!! lol
    Another time I was training a newbie in the Mexico's Margaritas Kiosk for the closure, but he last a lot cleaning everything and so... I was desperate for going to commons, so I went to hurried him up... he was slow and I wanted to do the final check up for leave... when I realize that this kid -underage- was drinking margaritas for the last hour, the stupid guy was drniking quick and for the end of the closure he was drunk and he couldn't finish cleaning and closing... so I had to do it and leave!!!
    I loved to bother working friends -castmembers- when I did the Drinking around the world... but sometimes I went far, on new year's eve I frenchkiss one of the waitress in the Mexican Restaurant and she was working... Luckily I never get myself or someone else in troubles.!!!!

    So many stories to tell....!!! But I remeber just a few...and sometimes u have to believe just the half of the stories that others told to u about what u did last night... thy were drunk as you or even worse, but they always say stories...sometimes u realiza that the stupid thigs were done by them not by u...!!!!

    RUBEN... THE Mexican! 1918 F&B 2003-2004
  9. Commons Virgin

    Commons Virgin New Member

    well i guess its my turn to tell a story now... since i started this...one night me and my boyfriend came home from another drunk party night and as he had the weirdest american roommate ever we most of the time had to "sleep" on the sofa.. at that time i wasnt officially in the commons anymore so pretty much everytime i saw security we freaked out and i went hiding somewhere inthe bushes ...plus my guy never had his key with him and usually had to ask for alfonso to open the door while i waited on the porch.. but that night we had been so smart to leave the back door open and while we were making out on the sofa all of a sudden i feel like someones watching and there he is alfonso standing in the door staring at us for 5 minutes just saying "the door needs to be locked"...we just looked at each other and cracked up it was hilarious to see the look on that guys face but as he was still kinda standing there i was afraid that my time in the commons had come to an end there on an ugly commons sofa ;)
    :-*alex so learn from this commons security is as horny as the inhabitants ;D
  10. Lonja

    Lonja New Member

    this march i was in london, visiting a friend i got to know in thailand. me friend and i stayed at his house after partying like crazy the night before. as i woke up in the morning like at 7 a.m i had to go pie....i was still wearing make up and cloth from last night, so i guess you can imagen my look....
    as i came from the toilett i met a woman in the hallway and i guessed it was his mom...so as nice as i am i introduced myselfe telling her who i was and that i was a friend of his son....the woman looked at me really weird and the sai: hi, im the cleanig lady......

    the look on her face was soooo funny...and i was embarassed like hell....

    was really funny though!!

    come one guys...i wanna here more nasty stories!!!!

  11. DigitalPhear

    DigitalPhear New Member

    Ok yeah this isnt a wdw story or anything but...well it suits the thread.

    Last year on Halloween I had a big woop ass Halloween party. Turned out really well since halloween was on a saturday, almost like everymone I knew showed up, along with alot of people I didnt know.

    Anyways as the night progressed and I got drunker and drunker (as did everyone else) things started to get pretty nasty. Nasty in a good way though. 8)

    Anyways there was this chick I was seeing at the time and she was all dressed up as some sorta slutty witch thing. Worked well, looked damn good.

    Only problem was, ever girl there that night was either a slutty school girl, a slutty witch or just a plain slut. :p jking...anyways...what Im saying is, the costume variation was minimal.

    Sooooooooo this girl and I kinda start getting it on through out the night, always sneaking off to fiddle around etc etc. As the night grew older and the sun started peak up this girl just grabs me and drags me into the pitch black bathroom and boom its on.

    About 5 minutes into our session theres like a knock at the door which we of course ignored. The knocker was pretty persistant though so finnally after the constant distraction we open the door to see wtf the person wanted.

    WEll you could imagine my suprise when the light hit my eyes and i saw that the girl knocking on the door turned out to be the one I was fooling with all night long, and quick glance over my shoulder into the bathroom showed a totally different girl altogether.

    Like I said it was dark in there and the costumes were not very different!

    Yeah...thats one of my stories. Needless to say my story didnt turn into your typical Playboy fantasies where I landed two chicks at once. The original chick flipped out and left and I ended up closing that bathroom door again with the new chick.

    .... This time I left the lights on.

  12. Lonja

    Lonja New Member

    damn, that sounds really familiar in some way......
  13. DigitalPhear

    DigitalPhear New Member

    Perhaps you were a witch for Halloween last year? :p
  14. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    OMG, are you serious? I think it's easier to tell of times of when I DIDN'T do something stupid when drunk....I always do something stupid once I've had a few....

    Worst WDW moment though? Thinking I was some sort of Olympic athlete, and tried to hurdle a couch at a Canadian throw in. My first leg went over just fine, but the next leg caught the back of the couch, and I landed on my head/neck.

    I was so drunk I didn't even feel the pain.....The next morning though - ouch!

    I went to work anyways, and mid-way through my first speech in the Attraction tears started rolling down my face. I couldn't move my neck at all. "Canada Charlie" (one of the managers at the time), called someone to come get me, and they drove me to a clinic.

    Gotta love HMO's. I didn't have enough money to pay up front for the bill...but I suppose they trusted me (or felt sorry for me), so they let me go without paying. They gave me a brace (which I wore for about 2 days) and lots of meds....

    So ANYWAYS, remember boys and girls, just because you a drunk, it doesn't mean you are a super-athlete. :-[
  15. Commons Virgin

    Commons Virgin New Member

    i love the halloween story ::)
  16. Ze Perfect Strange

    Ze Perfect Strange New Member

    Hey hey i know why it sound familiar to you lol :D :D ;D
    ZPS :p
  17. Lonja

    Lonja New Member

    why would that be???
  18. Ze Perfect Strange

    Ze Perfect Strange New Member

    ok i really think i should tell the story about spring break and how i ended up in a tent with a girl that i ve never met before!
    ZPS :p
  19. Lonja

    Lonja New Member

    no names pleas...i dont want my friend to get hurt... ;)
  20. Ze Perfect Strange

    Ze Perfect Strange New Member

    lol yeah sure, oh by the way my manager talked to me today and said that she want me to work as a night receptionnist...for a month..dont know what to say..humpf
    ZPS :p

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