What was the most stupid thing you ever did when you were drunk??

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by Commons Virgin, Oct 9, 2004.

  1. Sophie

    Sophie New Member

    Walk of shames were awful sometimes .. I always tried to make sure I didnt walk in front the the bus to go to work will all the canadians looking ! hahaha ! me with me CGDT shirt on tuesday morning everyone could really tell .. hahaha

    I am the variety sophie .. hahahahahahaha ;D I dont think I remember you though .. I have a few pictures with commons virgins though .. from a twin party I think ... and I remember talking to some commons virgins at the pool once after about 10 marguaritas .. ohhhhh

    Sophie :-*
  2. Lonja

    Lonja New Member

    thats us!!!!

    my problem with walk of shames was that i lived in bulding 28...so i met a lot of people!!

    im pretty sure i wrote into the varity book!! and that was at the pool, you are right! you guys were so drunk.
    are you also miris ex roomie??

    oh i miss the commons soooo much!!! all the partys and the people!!!!

  3. DigitalPhear

    DigitalPhear New Member

    The..walk of shame?

    Someone enlighten me.

    What the hell...someone tell me about the "commons virgins" too. That sounds like a story worth hearing :D
  4. Commons Virgin

    Commons Virgin New Member

    no that was stacy , right?? yeah i remember that day at the pool also... you guys were awsome ;) walk of shames ..mmmhh my favorite topic ;) i remember once we had this nasty spring break party alll wearing only bras and really short skirts with sunflowers taped on it or something.. of course i couldnt go home like that in the morning so had to borrow a shirt from my boyfriend (still doesnt make it better that he was my boyfriend cause who the hell knows where you are coming from, right??;) ) and walk around the commons barefoot, in a guys shirt and a thong... well dress code : professional i guess..
  5. Commons Virgin

    Commons Virgin New Member

    well walk of shame ... its just the time when you walk home in the morning after a drunk night out and well you didnt wake up in your own apartment.. plus your make up looks like shit , you re still in your clothes from the night before and you havent brushed your teeth yet ;) and preferably you walk into the guy you find really really cute or just the complete set of cast members from your pavillion.. its fun ;)

    and commons virgins.. we; one drunk night of course , decided to form a clun the COMMONS VIRGINS where you could only be a member if you of course werent a commons virgin ;) we made this great pink shirts saying commons virgins on the front and waiting for mr right on the back.. we actually also had a gay guy as a member ;)
  6. DigitalPhear

    DigitalPhear New Member

    hahahaha thats hilarious!

    oh god I am going to love this place. Its like..heaven.

    I swear I was born for this.

    waiting for mr.right hahaha thats classic...this stuff is better the Vista-Lay stories. The general public has no idea of the awsome debautchery that goes on behind the scenes at Disney. I love it!

    Are there any Commons Virgins left..or did the tradition die with you and your girls?
  7. Sophie

    Sophie New Member

    haha day at the pool -- me and stacy ! hahaha we thought it was such a great idea the variety thing but not everyone thought so but who cares because it was fun ..

    @ Lonja : I did my walk of shames coming from 28 to 4 a few times .. not fun ! ! ! and I read the variety book and you guys did write something in german ... and some german guys wrote in it as well .. lol

    @ Commons Virgins : walk of shames also involve most of the time being unlucky and walking of front of your whole pavilion or waking up in a random apartment where you meet one of your canadian coworker for instance ! ! ! haha gotta love that ! ! at the end I was just trying to make them do walk of shames from my apartment .. less embarassing for me !

    @ Digital Phear : interested into the commons virgins eh ? ? hahaha

    Sophie  :-*
  8. Commons Virgin

    Commons Virgin New Member

    unfortunately we were so stupid to take the commons virgin tradition home with us and not pass it on.. i know i know cant be excused... but maybe we ll go back one day walk through the pavillions wearing this shirt and someone will pick up on it.. ;)
    @sophie we thought you were great and the commons is not really the place where you give a f... about what people think about you anyways ;)..but taking them home is not really the best solution either then, if you cant wake him up in the morning and kick him out you ll have to go to work knowing that theres some drooling drunk hottie( or well sober maybe not as hot as the night before ;) ) lying in your bed or when you really, really wanna get rid of him he just wont leave ;) hey you lived in 4?? whsat number cause i was in 411
  9. DigitalPhear

    DigitalPhear New Member

    Hey Sopho...whats the Variety thingy you keep talking about?

    Its hard *not* to be interested in the commons virgins...hell..Im interested in anything that has "virgin" in it. ...Except virgin drinks. 8)
  10. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    Oh man too many good stories to tell....how many times did I wake up the next morning laughing about myself. Really stupid story I remember was at a Carribbean Beach Party at the Commons. I started drinking at around 5pm, went to the party completely drunk at around 11. I stayed for about 10 mins, cause I couldn't look straight anymore. I went back to my apt. and fell asleep on the bathroom floor. I woke up at around 2am and looked out of my window where the party was still going. So I go back outside - still as drunk as some hours before - with my shirt inside out and party on till the end. That was pretty funny. I spent many drunken nights on bathroom floors I think.
    Another stupid thing was puking into my friends car haha Not gonna get deep into this story.

    I lived in Building 8 and since many parties were at 16 or the 20's I did the walk of shame many times. I'd usually pass out somewhere and walk back in the morning. And I HAD to pass the bus stop! A friend of mine also gave me his t-shirt once and so the next day EVERYONE in his pavillion was talking about it, since he was also living in Building 8 and we walked back home together.

    I have more stories but that would take forever to write down

  11. Sophie

    Sophie New Member

    ohhh I almost forgot about this time (one of my last night there) and I was soooo drunk my friends took me home because I was passing out at the pool ! ! ! so I come home, Im sick in the bathroom and I decide to sleep there .. the problem was I blocked all the corridor and my new german roomate, who arrived the night before, when she woke up she couldnt use the bathroom and was kinda scared ! ! ! I dont think she ever liked me ! !
    or the time when my roomate from Wales -- Luuuuucy-- broke the commons shower because she was very drunk and was trying to help me get to the bathroom to puke ! ! ohhhhhh
    or when we first had our CGDT shirt there was a huge monday night CGDT and I was soooo drunk they didnt want to take me to PI .. on the official picture of the CGDT Im passed out on my friend's shoulder .. pretty sad actually !

    ohhh sooo many stories ..

    @ Commons Virgins : I lived in 418 .. when I first arrived there was a german girl in the apartment called Janette and then at the end we got a new one .. cant remember her name though .. Madeleine I think ..
    I always tried to kick the guys out of my apartment though to go to work .. well that is when I went to work  ;D .. the worst was when you would do a walk of shame but lets say your shirt is the wrong way, you still have makeup on .. your hair is all over the place .. and doing a walk of shame with the person is even worse ! ! ! then EVERYONE knows .. hahahaha ... Im sure lots of people thought we were crazy that day at the pool but it was so much fun ! YAY MARGARITA! YAY VARIETY !

    @ Digital Phear : lets say variety started because my friend was sad since she broke up with her boyfriend and to made her fell happy I told her who wants a boyfriend when you can have variety -- 11 different countries u gotta take advantage of that .. so we started this variety thing .. Theres actually a shirt in the canadian pavilion that is passed on which is like fuck around the world but thats for the guys I think .. hahaha !

    @Dancing Queen : my friend puked on the C bus ... I puked all over a bathroom once ! ohhh I also had to walk in front of the bus stop all the time when I was doing the walk of shame ! !  :eek:

    Sophie  :-*
  12. laurie

    laurie New Member

    a very stupid thing !!
    slept with a very good friend of mine and lost him after that ... we were both drunk as hell ! :-\
  13. DigitalPhear

    DigitalPhear New Member

    I will own that shirt!!!!
  14. cartwheel69

    cartwheel69 New Member

    The reason why they call me Cartwheel is a good Question?? So I arrived in FLA on the 2 of Oct and I did not know anybody Had just met my roomates and Got along great right off the start. I new One Canadian there who was my best buddy threw college and high schoolhe started there about two months before I did. Anyway I said to him I wanted to get to know some people so I asked him if he would help me through a party. I talked my roomates into doing this and I had only been there 48 hrs. So we planed this party we thought we might have about 50 to 60 people at my place. So we got everything ready for the party lots of Decorations the theme was a James Bond in Copa Cabana we riped palm tre leaves of the trees at the commons and all, we also gave out chocolate martini's shaken not stired. We ended up having about 300 people show up and I had one to many martini's and started to take off my Tux and while doing this My buddy like do a cartwheel like you used back in Canada so sure enough I did in front of all the people, but I did not look to see what was around me and I ended up landing on a parked car and I went through the back winshield and That is how I got the famous name.

    CARTWHEEL 00/01
  15. DigitalPhear

    DigitalPhear New Member


    That is the BEST story i Have heard about someones nick name EVER!

    Dammit thats great!

    hahaha Awsome!

    and what a wicked ass party that would have been! Im am totally envious!
  16. Lonja

    Lonja New Member

    one night we had a throw in and everybody had to pay 5$ and we had a mixdrink for everybody...the only problem was that the guys who did the drink calculated wrong so instead of mixin 5 liter vodka with 2 gallons of ornage juice and bols blue the only baught 2 liters of orange juice...so you can imagen how strong it was...

    well i had a couple of drinks and after a while i though it was a great idea to drink the stuff with the beer bong....bad idea...i got soooo wasted.....

    i was in the bathroom with someone and suddenly someone opened the door and the door pushed me into the shower and i fell with my head against the soap holder...the last thing i remember from that night is that i touched my head with my hnd and just saw blood...the rest i only know from what people told me.....

    this one guy was parametic so he treated my wound but i wripped the bandit away all the time....then i decided that i wanted to sleep in the closet of his french roomate..i threw out everything that was in there and took a nap....next thing my roommate told me is that someone brought me home and gave me a good night kiss....no clue who that was....

    next day was my best friends graduation...obviously someone called me to wake me up..i talked to her but i cant remember anything from that! i just know that i was sleeping in the bthroom....i had to work at 11 so i got up took a shower and then knew i couldnt go to work so i called in sick for the firts time....

    my scar was so big and i still have it...when ever i look into the mirror i see the commons lfe...ill never forget it!!!!

    crazy night!!!!
  17. Commons Virgin

    Commons Virgin New Member

    yeah how could youn not have told that story yet??? :eek: and you missed my graduation ´( well i almost did as well if someone wouldnt have literally kicked me out of bed) that is in fact i think the worst thing that happened to you right..?? miss you babe
  18. Gareth

    Gareth New Member

    Everything i do when im drunk is stupid!!!!!!!!

    ha ha

  19. Baruch

    Baruch New Member

    Ohhh  I´ll Never forget it....

    Everybody is tellings stories about the parties in the Commons. but mine is different, ´cos it was in MY THROW IN!!! yes my first night at the Commons,...

    as everybody does, the mexicans were waiting for us to take us to our apartments.. and after that they told us were to go for the throw in party.. ok  i was living in 2812 (the last apt of the commons on left)  and the party was just in front of my apt .. it was a great "pamper´s party" then we moved to 913 (the party apartment.. just ask to Alfonso lol) and then i went to my apartmente  trying to realize that i was finally there at the commons..
    the next i remember i went to my balcony and facing to the I-4 i was happy, drunk and i was trying to realize that it was true.. then i remember that i went to my bathroom..  and the next thing i remember  is that i awoke around 10:00 am in the bath  but without water!!!

    i was so drunk that i fell slept into the bath .. actually my roomate Jonas (Norway June 03-04) took me a picture there..  he said me that in the morning he went with the other roomates asking for me and nobody knew anything about me ("the newbie") and the he went  back to the room and he listened a noise like snooring  lol..  sure it was me  but at the beginning he tought that i was sleping into the closet.. but when he saw me in the bath he called to the rest of the roomates to see me.. and it was when he took a picture of myself sleeping into the bath my FIRST NIGHT AT THE COMMONS

    Mexico F&B '03-'04
    The Commons 2812

  20. Louisa

    Louisa New Member

    hey baruch..oh my good!
    you never told me that before..

    funny story though!

    hugs from you prinsess!

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