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Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by Briggs682, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Briggs682

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    Getting a little bit bored of waiting to go now, so to preoccupy myself, I've started to make a basic list of all the things I want to do while I'm out in Florida....

    Thought I'd ask you lovely people what you miss most about living in Orlando (well, Lake Buena Vista! :p ) what your favourite excursion/trip was and what you would most recommend as a must-see / must-do during the program.

    Thanks! :)
  2. Hamburger

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    The parks. All the parks. And on your day off, more parks. This is your one in a lifetime chance to experience Disney until you drop, use it! When you are lucky, you will get to see the Christmas Carol singers at Christmas time throughout Epcot, Magic Kingdom and Lake Buena Vista, which is pretty cool, and I have been "hunting" them and never saw them again for 30 years!

    When you get tired of the parks (which will take some time), it also pretty nice to rent a convertible and drive to Cocoa Beach, get a great baguette at the French bakery (if it's still there) and go shopping at Ron Jon's.

    If you're adventurous, Kissimmee offers air boat rides (ever did one at night???), EcoSafari offers zipLine tours, and last Christmas we discovered the fun of riding ATVs!

    In the evenings, we toured the hotels on Disney ground (LBV) for happy hour - mostly by the end of the month... free food...

    Since participating in the first fellowship program in 1982, and returning 1984 to complete a Cultural Representative year, I have been trying to come back to Florida as often as I can, and I miss everything there very much.
  3. DisneyGibbs

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    OOOOOOK Here goes...

    *Parks. They're free. Even if you go to do one attraction or just see the fireworks, once you don't have it anymore, you really do miss it.

    *Do a Disney Cruise! We get discount and us crew members are pretty awesome ;)

    *Do the Backstage tours. Disney Housing usually offer quite a few tours just for CP/ICP/CRP participants and they're free!! You get to see behind the scenes at attractions. I did Tower of Terror, Kilimanjaro Safaris, Toy Story Mania and Haunted Mansion just to name a few.

    *Visit Property Control and Cast Connection. They sell end of line or broken/lost stuff from the parks...you can get some absolute bargins some weeks instead of paying full price in the parks.

    * Go to as many Cast celebrations as possible...even if its just parade previews; they are so much fun and things that no one else gets to go!

    I'll think of some more later :D
  4. Catherino

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    I haven't done the ICP/CRP, but I've been to Florida a few times, and you should definitely do an Air boat ride at Boggy Creek! You get to see all the 'gators! Great fun!

    Also, diving at Discovery Cove? Drinks at Jimmy Buffets Margeritaville? (if you're over 21!) Aquatica! There's loads to do in Florida, Cocoa Beach is lovely, or go and spend a weekend in Key West! If you can get time off you can visit other states, Washington, NY (Niagara Falls!), California! You'll find loads to do.... even if it's just sneaking into the Ghiradelli shop in lots of different disguises to get the free chocolate ;)

    Have a great time!!
  5. Piglet

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    Gatorland, I loved my day out there, its dirt cheap and so much fun plus really quiet which is nice.
  6. Mr T

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    Ok maybe I am the exception to the norm, but I would hugely reccomend picking up a parade audience controll shift (they are listed on the hub under extra hours hotline- All this will become clear when your there)

    But PAC shifts are amazing, you will get to watch 2 parades and wishes and get paid for it, the work is fun too and good for your development so try and pick up a few of those if your schedule allows,

    I miss it because I love working with people, and people in Disney are for the large part immensely happy and easy to talk to (yes there are exceptions - these are the ones that may yell at you when you ask them to stay within the white lines, but like i said good challenge )

    and my pac costume was so cool

    Aww i want to go back
  7. hollaay

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    go to tampa! there was a shuttle that picked up at the publix by the rexall across from the outlet mall across from commons. I forget what time it went at, but its a busch gardens shuttle. I had a seasons pass.
    Gatorland hahahah
    four park challenge
    fireworks on new years
    fireworks everyday.
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    Just a quick question, where do you guys get/create your XXX days since Cast Member banner badge from?
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